Adam Piccolotti: Steve Kozola Trolled His Way Through Rankings

Adam Piccolotti believes Steve Kozola has some work to do before he earns the right to share the cage with him.

Piccolotti was originally set to take on Brent Primus earlier this year, but was forced out due to a back injury. Since then Primus has found his way to a title shot at Madison Square Garden, while Piccolotti has been working to get himself back into fight shape. It has been a long road but he is ready to go and has found himself on the radar of fellow undefeated lightweight Steven Kozola. Kozola hasn’t been shy about his desire to climb into the cage with Piccolotti, but if you ask Piccolotti he believes Kozola¬†needs to earn that right.

“He pretty much ran his mouth to get on that main card real quick, so I wouldn’t be surprised if Bellator lines it up. I am not responding to him, I am not giving him the time of day,” Piccolotti¬†told Jason Sutcliffe on The Fight House Podcast. “He is calling me out before he is even on the main cards. I see this guy as an internet troll and that is about it. He can fight some tougher opponents and then we can talk. If Bellator thinks that is the right move I will gladly put my fist in his mouth, but other than that I think he has some work to do before he gets his chance.”

Kozola is a perfect 8-0 and has seven straight KO’s. However Piccolotti isn’t impressed by any of that. As far as he is concerned Kozola has talked his way through the rankings and is more hype than talent.

“This guy Kolzola [sic] or wahtever his name is to kind of come out of the wood works to try and talk his way into a fight. I haven’t put too much energy towards it. I have been treating it kind of like I am now. He has been trolling his way through the rankings, good for him. What do they say, closed mouths don’t get fed, he is trying to do his thing good for him…for him to be thrown into the top ten of Bellator I think would be a mistake.

“Whatever they decide to do I am going to do. It is up to the brass, but I am hungy, I am looking for a fight,” Piccolotti added. “Hopefully they give me something that does something good for my record and my career, but if it is this guy then that is what it is and it will be a good night.”

After being sidelined Piccolotti is itching to get back in the cage. After providing the Bellator brass with the necessary paper work Piccolotti says early July would be an ideal target date for him to return to action.

“I sent in my doctor release form to Bellator so they could start finding opponents for me. We have been calling them for the past two weeks now telling them ‘anything lined up, anything lined up’ so we’re looking I am ready to go,” Piccolotti said. “I would like a full six week, eight week camp if possible but I have been preparing myself, so my conditioning is good right now, my weight is good right now. It is really just finding an opponent, creating game plan/strategy and getting ready…so any time, June, July. Early July would be perfect but it is up to them.”



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