Adam Townsend: I Just Want the UFC

When it comes to MMA Adam Townsend has been there and done that…Well everything but the UFC.

Townsend (17-4) is as tough as they come. The Tennessee native is coming off a third round stoppage victory over Marcus Edwards at LFA 5. A fight he competed in with a separated rib. It was the lightweights third straight TKO victory and his eleventh win  in 12 fights.  On top of that it was his fifteenth co-main or main event in his 21 pro fights and still the opportunity to compete in the UFC has eluded him. A situation that is extremely frustrating for Townsend to say the least.

“I want the UFC, I don’t care about Nashville, I just want the UFC,” Townsend told The Fight House. “I have tried to look at it outside the box and not just thinking me, me, me, but I just don’t see a reason why they could say you’re not ready, or hey you need to do this, or you need to beat this guy. I have beat the guys, I have beat the prospects, I’ve beat the vets, I have done what I needed to do…I don’t know many guys that have as many fights or as good a record as I do.

“There is so many guys in there that I can beat,” Townsend continued. “There is so many guys in there that have been given these opportunities that I deserve way more than they do. I can’t wrap my head around why I wouldn’t be chosen.”

Following the Edwards fight Townsend was so adamant about getting the UFC’s attention that in the heat of the moment he shouted out his phone number on national television. Unfortunately, Townsend got a call – 159 of them to be exact – from everybody but the UFC. With the UFC heading into Townsend’s home state of Tennessee in April he isn’t content to just wait around, so he says he’s taken the initiative and reached out to match maker Sean Shelby himself.

“I emailed Sean, but I haven’t heard anything from him yet, so I am just kind of waiting to hear,” Townsend said.  “I’ve got his number as well, so I might give him a call in a few days if he doesn’t call me back by then. I am just curious, like I told him in the email, I was like, ‘let me know one way or the other. If you all don’t want me that is understandable for whatever f***ing reason that would be I don’t know, but if you want me I would really appreciate it, I think I deserve it and if you don’t I just feel like at least and email saying no.’ I just want answers whether it’s the answer I want, or the answer I don’t want, I just want to know what the fuck they want that way I can either fight or go do something else.”

Townsend is certainly a veteran of the sport, he has competed in more than a half dozen promotions, he fought over seas, fought for titles, he has pretty well done everything you can do in MMA besides compete under the bright lights of the UFC and he admits it is becoming tough to accept and get up for fights with these smaller promotions.

“It’s an all time high in my career right now, everything seems right, everything seems like it’s in place,” Townsend said. “I am not sitting here saying I’m quitting if the UFC doesn’t call me, but it’s going to be hard to take another LFA fight, the LFA is as low as it is for me, so I mean I guess the only up is Bellator or the UFC, I can go back over seas to fight and make some good money over there. I don’t know I am just waiting to see.”

Townsend is still recovering from the separated rib, but says he is already back in the gym doing light work and keeping his weight in check. Just in case the UFC calls on him to compete on the Tennessee card in April. Only time will tell what is next for Adam Townsend.

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