Adrian Yanez: I Believe I Can Finish Him in the Second

Adrian Yanez learned a lot from Dom Pilarte’s loss to Caio Machado and believes he can finish Pilarte inside two rounds.

Yanez has already shown exactly how tough he is both physically and mentally in his young career. In his only career loss against Levi Mowles, Yanez broke his jaw in the first round and fought through it for two more rounds, losing to Mowles by unanimous decision. He fought and beat Ryan Hollis under the Bellator banner just a couple of weeks after the death of his father. Yanez believes It is that sort of mental toughness that will make the difference against Pilarte at LFA 7.

“For Domingo Pilarte you have to be mentally tough and I feel like I am mentally tough. I have been through a lot in life and I have been through a lot in a fight, so I feel like this might go very well for me,” Yanez said. “I will be his best opponent he’s fought since Caio Machado and look how that went for him.”

Yanez was first introduced to combat sports by his father who was a boxing enthusiast who reached the golden gloves rank. He says it’s nice to use his boxing as kind of a tribute to his father.

“I would really like to put him away striking,” Yanez said. “I grew up on boxing, so it is one of my pride and joys. Now that I Know how to strike and know how to box a bit for MMA it makes it good whenever I come out and show off my boxing skills a little bit, it’s kind of a like a remembrance for my father.”

Pilarte will have a significant height and reach advantage in the fight, so Yanez will have to figure out how to work his way to the inside. He and his team have been working on utilizing footwork and angles to disrupt Pilarte’s rhythm and move him into range. Yanez says it will be important for him to take the lead and get his strikes off first.

“If you look at the fight against Caio Machado. He really likes to lead if he doesn’t lead he gets a little tentative and doesn’t like to fire off, so I feel like I will be able to capatialize on that. I will be able to find my openings,” Yanez said. “I believe I can put him away in the second.”

Adrian Yanez and Dom Pilarte will enter the LFA cage this Friday in Houston, Texas at the Arena Theatre. You can watch the event live on starting at 9 pm.


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