AJ McKee: James Gallagher’s in for a Rude Awakening

AJ McKee isn’t even a little bit impressed by “Conor wannabe” James Gallagher.

AJ McKee is one of the best young talents in MMA. James Gallagher is also considered to be one of the best young talents. Both prospects are racing to be the youngest champion in the sports history. Gallagher had a lot to say to McKee in the cage Friday night following his first round victory over Kirill Medvedovski at Bellator 173. McKee says he is just waiting for the contract.

“I am just waiting on the contract. He has been talking a lot of smack,” McKee said. “You want to fight buddy sign the contract. I’m done talking at this point. I don’t have much more to say to that dude. He’s not who he thinks he is. He will never be anywhere near as good as he thinks he is.”

McKee is not at all impressed with the level of competition Gallagher’s faced and believes they are on two different levels. He says he’s happy to take the fight, but believes in no way is it a step forward, in fact he believes it would be quite the opposite.

“I don’t feel that this fight would be a step forward, I don’t feel like he is a step forward in the division at all. I feel like it’s a step back. He’s not what he thinks he is. He’s not a true contender, who has he beat?” McKee said. “He’s in there fighting bums. He isn’t really fighting anybody. Every guy they give him, they have no ground game.

“You got another rear naked choke and you were gassed after it. You couldn’t even talk to the fans afterwords because he was out of breath,” McKee continued. “If he thinks that is going to happen when he steps in that cage with me he is going to be in for a rude awakening. I might just drag this fight out for three fives, just dropping him, knocking him down, choking him out and letting him go the whole time.”

Gallagher wasn’t shy and certainly didn’t pull any punches when asked about a fight with McKee, referring to him as a p***y and even claiming he would smash his face. Well, the colourful call out got a rise out of most fans and media in the MMA community McKee was humoured by it all calling the young Irishman a “Conor wannabe.”

“It’s hysterical, it is pretty funny to me,” McKee said. “He’s a Conor wannabe. He imitates everything Conor does, everything Conor says, so for me it’s like dude come up with your own personality. I quoted something Conor said as well and I told him ‘the difference between us three is Conor and I live for this shit. We eat, sleep and breath this and we can actually fight, you can’t fight dude. You’re not what you think you are.'”

These two seemed destined to meet in the Bellator cage. Nothing is confirmed yet, but McKee says there will be no hesitation on his end to sign the contract.

“If the contract pops up I’m signing it no questions asked,” McKee said. “All this shit taking, he better sign it.”



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