AJ McKee Setting His Sights on the Record Books

AJ McKee is refocused and looking to break records over the next 12 months.

McKee is one of the brightest if not the brightest young prospect in the game. He started off his professional career with five straight finishes, four of them in the first round. After going to decision in his next two fights with Ray Wood and Brendan Phillips some people were questioning if the 22 year old was the star they originally thought. McKee silenced the critics with his first round destruction of Dominic Mazzotta at Bellator 178. According to McKee he was simply growing bored and temporarily lost focus.

“I was just getting bored. Training every day, every night and training month after month and then going in there to finish somebody in the first minute of a fight. It is like, ‘OK you trained two, three months as hard as I do and ya the outcome is great, ya you knocked somebody out, but it’s like man, I am not trying to wait another three months to fight again,'” McKee told Jason Sutcliffe on The Fight House Podcast. “It is just part of growing, learning the sport and putting the tools that yhou have together and really utilizing them. I am back on the grind now and ready. I am ready to get back in there next week.”

The motivation for McKee is simple…he wants to break records and make history. He seems to have a clear vision of what the next twelve months looks like and if he’s right the whole MMA world will be put on notice. McKee says being within reach of the record books has given him the motivation to get to the next level.

“I feel like in the next three or four fights I could be a world champion,” McKee said, “By my birthday I could be a world champion, be the youngest world champion, and be undefeated, and have the longest win streak in Bellator history, so there are just many records that are up and going . On top of it being the first father son to fight with my dad as well, so there are just many records that are up in the air for us to break and for us to get after.”

“I want to get that belt and beat Jon Jones record,” McKee added. “He was 23 when he got his world title, so I got a full year to knock that out the way.”

McKee’s father, 47 year old veteran Antonio McKee last competed in 2014. For the McKee boys competing on the same card at least once is an absolute must. AJ says it will absolutely happen.

“My dad still trains with me everyday,” McKee said. “He was my partner this camp to help me get my weight down and to really get things through this fight, so it is not a possibility it is going to happen.”

We will have to wait and see what is next for the 22 year old contender. He currently has his sights set on another up and coming prospect James Gallagher. With the way things have unfolded between the two it is hard to believe they won’t meet in the cage sometime in the near future.

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