Andre Harrison Has Sights Set on Lance Palmer

Andre Harrison is eyeing Lance Palmer and the World Series of Fighting’s featherweight title.

Harrison came to the World Series of Fighting (WSOF) as a world champion. The featherweight has held the title in every promotion he’s competed in and doesn’t expect things to be any different with with his new promotion. He made his presence felt immediately with an impressive first round finish over Bruce Boyington in his promotional début on New Years Eve in New York. The New Yorker admits it was a night where everything came together perfectly.

“I felt everybody had my back, the energy was just surreal when I walked out,” Harrison said. ” It was one of those things where everything you work on in camp, striking into takedowns, takedowns into better positions on the ground, it was like everything came to pass, everything clicked, everything worked. It was just one of those things, when you’re on you’re on, nobody can really do anything to you when you’re on.”

For Harrison it all starts in his training. The self proclaimed action junkie says even when he’s not scheduled for a fight he’s in the gym multiple times a day, sparring and staying sharp. It is that hard work that Harrison draws his confidence from.

“I don’t train like I am just a contender, so I don’t feel like I should be just a contender. I train every single day like I am the best in the world, every single day and for that reason I believe I am the best in the world,” Harrison said. “I am definitely looking forward to climbing the latter in World Series and making my presence known here.”

Harrison is an impressive 15-0 and has set his sights on Lance Palmer and the WSOF featherweight title. If you ask Harrison his record speaks for itself and after glancing at the divisions roster he believes he should be the front runner for a title shot.

“I don’t want to toot my own horn but at the end of the day I have the best record on the roster, Lance Palmer included. I’ll beat every guy on the roster and I do want that title shot,” Harrison said. ” I glanced at the roster a couple times that I looked down there was other undefeated fighters on there and there was other real tough fighters on there, but again I just feel like I’m the best fighter on the roster.”

Harrison has yet to book his next fight and to this point hasn’t heard anything from the World Series of Fighting about their plans, but he’s eyeing Palmer’s title and believes the match-up would make for an exciting fight.

“I definitely think it would match-up to be one sick fight,” Harrison said. “I feel like we match up well. We both have wrestling backgrounds and they say when two wrestlers fight each other the wrestling negates itself and they wind up throwing and I think the both of us getting in there and throwing at each other would make a great fight, I think the fans would love to see something like that.”

Although Harrison would love to get his shot at the title he’s ready to accept whatever challenge the promotion throws his way.

“If they call me and ask me to fight in a couple of weeks, if they ask me to fight in a month or two…I am game to get in there whenever they need me,” Harrison said.

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