Andrea Lee: I Want to Finish Her by Strikes

Andrea “KGB” Lee is looking to finish Heather Bassett in convincing fashion on her way to multiple titles in 2017

Lee enters her LFA title fight extremely confident coming of a near flawless victory over Jenny Liou at Invicta 21. Lee ended the fight in the first round with a series of devastating strikes . Four short weeks later she is ready to become the first ever LFA flyweight champion when she meets Bassett at LFA 4 and she plans to do it in devastating fashion.

“I want to go out there and finish her by strikes, I want to stand up with her. If it ends up going to the ground I don’t feel like I have to be in a hurry to get back to my feet…but I do want to finish this fight on my feet that’s where I see this fight being fought,” Lee said. “But, I don’t underestimate anyone going into a fight, and she has probably got a lot better since her last one.”

Bassett enters the fight on a two fight win streak finishing both inside of two rounds, but she’s never been in the cage with someone as dangerous as Lee. Lee respects Bassett as a fighter,  but when asked to assess her skills says Bassett isn’t overly talented in any one area and has been competing against a lower level  of competition.

“I don’t feel like she is great at any one area. Her stand-up is decent and her jiu jitsu, I don’t know she might be a blue belt – I don’t know for sure if she is a blue belt – but as far as I know I haven’t heard anything about her jiu jitsu being that much to worry about,” Lee said. “She has finished a few of her opponents by submission, but a lot of her opponents aren’t the calibre of fighters I have been fighting and they don’t have the records of the girls I have been fighting either, so I feel like I have fought a lot of tougher opponents.”

Prior to the merger Lee held the Legacy FC flyweight title. Following the merger she was no longer recognized as the champ and is now competing for title. Originally it had a title defence feel for her, but after a few discussions with the LFA brass Lee admits becoming a “two time” champ has a much better ring to it.

“I mean it feels like it, but I was talking with one of the PR guys from LFA and he was like, ‘look at it this way you’re not saying your defending your title, but if you win you get to be a two time champion, because you’re not defending it.'” Lee said. “If I win I am a two time champion now that sounds even cooler…I was champion with Legacy and now I get to be champion with LFA. I like that better, I like to say I’m a two time champion instead of just defending my title”

Lee’s goals don’t stop with the LFA title though, she has her sights set on becoming one of the only simultaneous multi-promotional champions in the sport.

“I think that would be awesome. I am still contracted with Invicta. I still have a few fights left with them, so hopefully before the end of my contract I will get that opportunity to fight for their belt as well. That would be something I would want for sure,” Lee said. “I think that it’s all possible, it’s all in reach I just have to get it done.”

Only time will tell if Lee will be able to conquer the lofty goals she has set for herself, but it will be fun to watch her try.


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