Andrea Lee has Mackenzie Dern in Her Crosshairs

Andrea Lee believes new comer Mackenzie Dern could be next in line for a shot at her LFA flyweight title.

Lee has had a great start to 2017. After an impressive performance at Invicta 21 Lee became the first flyweight champion in LFA history with her victory over Heather Bassett at LFA 4.  She completely outclassed Bassett picking up a second round submission victory. The newly crowned champion is unsure who she will defend her title against first, but believes there is a strong possibility it may be against jiu jitsu ace Mackenzie Dern. Dern has had difficulties making the 115 pound strawweight limit and after missing it again at LFA 6 she will likely have to make the move up to flyweight.

“Mackenzie Dern is great on the ground, but if she can’t make 115 she is going to have to come up to 125 and I am sure they’ll probably try to match her and I up. I would be happy with that match-up, that would be fine,” Lee said. “She hasn’t had as many fights as me, but her jiu jitsu is great and she is one of their top female fighters.”

Although Dern has had a lot of trouble making the 115  pound weight limit her performances have been near flawless. To say she has been dominant would be a massive understatement. That being said Lee would be a massive jump up in competition for Dern. Lee, a striking specialist says she is comfortable with the match-up and believes Dern has issues with being hit.

“I know my striking is way better than hers. I think my takedown defence is really good, but she did just compete against Montana Stewart who’s known for being a wrestler and she was able to outclass her, took her down a couple of times and was able to finish her with a submission…I think my takedown defence would be good,” Lee said. “She doesn’t like to get hit in the face, I have seen that. I have been watching her fight, because I know if she goes up we’re going to get matched up. She doesn’t like to get hit in the face.”

After missing the 115 pound limit multiple times there is a strong possibility Dern’s next appearance in the cage will be at 125 pounds. With the hype Dern has built and the fact that she seems to be in Lee’s crosshairs it seems this is the fight to make. Before that though Dern will have to take care of business this weekend against Katherine Roy in San Antonio, Texas at LFA 6.

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