Andrew Yates Predicts Second Round TKO of Andrew Tenneson

Andrew Yates looking to take advantage of opponent Andrew Tenneson’s big weight cut.

Yates will bring his 9-2 record into the cage and put it up against 5-1 Andrew Tenneson. Both fighters have similar winning percentages, but are in two very different situations. Yates is moving up from bantamweight for the first time and Tenneson  will have a drastic weight cut to get down to 145 pounds. It is in the weight cut where Yates believes he will find his advantage that will lead him to an impressive victory.

“I know Andrew is a bigger guy, he has to cut a lot of weight. I feel like I am going to be in much better shape. He is going to be a little tired because cutting weight kills people,” Yates told The Fight House. “I definitely think I am going to TKO him in the second round. Towards the end of the second he is going to be too tired from that weight cut, so from that weight cut I am just going to drain him, drain him, drain him and then I am going to TKO him.”

After making the cut to 135 numerous times 145 has been a much easier task. Yates says he has been training at 150 for weeks now.  Stylistically he believes they are very close in skill but being the smaller man he believes he will have a speed advantage.

“I think my speed is going to be a hard one for him, our wrestling is about neutral, his jiu jitsu is a little bit better, but my stand-up is a little better, so I think it is an even fight all the way across the board,” Yates said. “Whoever puts their game plan to use, hits with that four ounce glove and get that lucky shot. That first lucky shot is going to be the one to win the fight I feel.”

Yates has been very unlucky in his career in regards to big fights. It seems like every big fight, or important fight Yates lands gets cancelled for one reason or another. If you look at his resume it is rather underwhelming, but at no fault of Yates. After talking with Sean Shelby, Yates hopes a victory over Tenneson will be impressive enough to have the UFC come calling.

“I was talking to Sean Shelby and he told me we need to get a quality win, and we can’t get a quality win, I am having problems getting a quality fight. This is going to be my quality fight, hopefully,” Yates said. “I am going to go out and put on the line, have fun, dance around, hit him, get hit, try to win and hopefully after this fight I get that call. There is no fighter out there who has not fought on a big show that has a bigger fan base than I do. If someone can find one for me I will do some push-ups or by them dinner, I don’t know. I have 50,000 fans and I have never fought on a big show on TV or anything yet. I just need to get my moment to shine I feel.”

Yates will meet Tenneson at LFA 10 in Pueblo, Colorado at Massari Arena. You can watch it live on at 9 pm. Enjoy!

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