Angela Lee is Defending More than Her Title

Angela Lee is living the dream and she will fight with everything she has to protect it.

It seems like just yesterday Angela Lee stepped in the ONE cage for the first time. An 18 year old girl with a tonne of skill and big dreams. Just under two years later she is 7-0 with six stoppages, ONE’s first female champion, the youngest champion in professional MMA history and the biggest name in Asian MMA. She is no longer the young prospect, she sits atop the mountain and wears the target of a champion. It is a lot for any 20 year old to deal with, but Lee doesn’t really see it as pressure, more motivation.

“I really don’t like to think of it as pressure,” Lee told The Fight House. “I know there is a lot at stake now. I climbed that ladder to get to the top and now I am at the top, so now I definitely have to work harder than ever. I have a target, everyone knows who to train for, so I think that it kind of motivates me to train that much harder, so I can be that much better than the competition, and stay at the top and keep improving.”

Lee has put herself in a great spot and built quite the life for herself. She got the lucrative contract, she travels the world as the face of women’s MMA in Asia, she received numerous award nominations including female fighter fo the year. Lee describes her situation as the dream and she knows every girl on the ONE roster wants to take it from her, all of it, it is something that is constantly on her mind.

“That is actually something that I think about on the daily. That is what drives me that is what keeps me so hungry,” Lee said. “This life that I am living right now is incredible. I am so blessed for everything that is happening. I am truly living the dream and these girls are trying to take that away from me and I almost feel very threatened by that and I have to protect this dream that is what I am doing protecting my dream and keeping this dream alive.”

Jenny Huang was the first to step to the thrown but was dominated for two rounds before Lee came out and closed the show in the third stopping her with strikes. She wasted little time booking her second title defence. Lee will put her belt – and everything that goes with it – on the line against undefeated Istela Nunes, May 26 at Dynasty of Heroes. She says she will exploit the holes in Nunes’ game.

“Istela is a dangerous striker, she is of course a two time muay thai world champion and also undefeated with highlight reel knockouts. I know that going into this fight what her strikes are, but I also see that there are many holes in her game and like my previous fight I am looking to exploit them. I am definitely doing a bit of research when I go back home to Hawaii that is when fight camp really starts,” Lee said. “I had one week from today I fought in Bangkok, so my celebration week is over now and it’s time to get back into the next fight camp.

“I really want to make 2017 another great year,” Lee said. “I know it’s not possible to be as active as I was in the start of my career, but I want to be an active champion and defend the title multiple times this year.”

As it stands right now Lee sits on top of the ONE Championship mountain, but she is going to have to be at the top of her game if she wants to stay there.

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