Bellator’s fighters first campaign

Bellator has launched their “Fighters First” campaign. An initiative to build fighters as individual brands.

April 1, Bellator launched the “Fighters First” campaign. A multifaceted initiative geared to develop fighters as brands not just athletes. The promotion says they will use video features and a number of other methods to push their fighters to the forefront.

They weren’t subtle about taking a shot at the UFC and their Reebok deal. In a short promotional video released by Bellator former UFC vet Josh Koscheck says, “Where nobody tells what to wear or what to say.” We can assume that is a shot at the UFC and a well calculated one. Recent history shows that is currently Bellator’s biggest bargaining chip with free agents.

It will be interesting to see how many more major stars Bellator will be able to bring in with initiatives like this. Only time will tell.

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