Ben Neumann Guests Get Treated Bit Better

Well most fighters spend fight week in and out of the sauna to cutting weight Ben “The Baker” Neumann will spend fight week cooking more than 100 pies and pastries.

Ben Neumann has the biggest fight of his career coming up as he prepares to meet Derrick Krantz for the LFA welterweight title. Krantz is a beast and currently ranked #1 on the official mma welterweight rankings, so Neumann will have his hands full, but does believe stylistically this is a pretty good fight for him.

“He is definitely a tough guy, but as far as match up style go, almost all my wins are by submission and most of his losses – the biggest amount of them – are by submission, so that is a good thing,” Neumann said. “Of course, he hits hard and he is good on the ground. He is a black belt in jiu jitsu so it is not like he doesn’t know what he is doing down there, but that does seem to be where he gets in trouble…Overall it is not a bad match-up for me.”

For most fight week is a time of great sacrifice, hard core dieting, severe dehydration, hours in and out of the sauna in order to make the contracted weight, but not for Neumann. Besides a bit of yoga and cardio Neumann will spend his fight week in the kitchen baking 26 pies and 96 small turnover pies for his fans who bought VIP tickets to watch him fight.

“This whole next week I have about 40 hours of baking I have to do before weigh-ins, so I have to make 26 pies and 96 of those little turnover pies. That is what I will be doing this whole week. It kind of keeps my mind busy,” Neumann said. “I put on some NetFlix and I’m busy all day, because I don’t want to be working out all day, I don’t need to burn that much energy. I don’t want to sit and think about nothing because then I will be so worried about the fight or I’m just burning useless energy so if I bake it’s something constructive, it’s fun. All my VIP people that pay extra and get the VIP section then they get these pies. I set it up early that day I get there before the fights and set up pies for my VIP folks.”

This isn’t something that is new for this fight, Neumann has been doing this since his second pro fight. For this fight Neumann has more than 70 VIP guests, so he is a busy man.

“I got to pack up all these pies and everything. I got a couple rooms, like a balcony that over look the whole area they got live TV feed and private bartender at this venue at Mystic Lake,” Neumann said. “I think I got 72 or 70 or so VIP people that I got coming and they got a few of these rooms and I forget how many I have just for them. I think it is going to be 20 pies and like 60 mini pies out for them, so more than enough. There is always a couple of left overs.”

Neumann meets Krantz at the Mystic Lake Casino and Hotel in Prior Lake Minnisota on Friday night the card starts at 9 pm ET. If you can’t be there live you can catch the fights on

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