Benson Henderson: I’ve Had A Torn ACL In All My Bellator Fights

Benson Henderson has had a less than impressive run under the Bellator banner. However,  it becomes a lot more impressive when you find out he’s been competing with a torn ACL.

It is almost unbelievable to think Benson Henderson has gone through his last three fights against Koreshkov, Patricio Friere and Michael Chandler with a torn ACL. An injury that has sidelined many fighters for months. He confirmed the injury on ESPN’s 5ive Round Podcast, with Brett Okamoto and Brian Campbell.

“I’ve had a torn ACL in all of my Bellator fights,” Henderson said. “I got the MRI back (after his fight with Koreshkov) and the doctor said it was a torn ACL, completely ruptured. It felt fine, though. I passed all the tests. I ran, jumped, cut left and right. Doctors said, ‘If you can do that, there’s nothing saying you have to have surgery. We can’t tell you to have surgery.’“

Following his second loss in his first three fights, Henderson is going to take the necessary time heal up and make sure he comes back 100%.

“I tested it again against (Patricio Freire in August) and hurt it some more. Then against Chandler, I actually hurt it a couple more times during training. My coaches and my wife said I probably shouldn’t take the fight, or I at least had to have surgery after.

“So, I was told by my wife I had to have ACL surgery, and that’s what I’m doing.”

Henderson who recently lost to Michael Chandler feels as though the lightweight champion was close to quitting. He’s adamant about getting another crack at him and vows to ‘make him quit all the way’ this time.

“I will fight Chandler again and I will make him quit,” Henderson said. “He was pretty damn close to quitting the last time. Next time, I’ll make him quit all the way.”

Henderson’s been around a long time and is a competitor, you have to think he’s determined to another crack at the title and become one of only a few to be a champion in three world class promotions.

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