Brandi Narvaez: I Feel Like I Was Made For This

Brandi Narvaez plans on enjoying every minute of her professional debut at LFA 7.

If the name Narvaez rings a bell, it should, Brandi’s husband Roger had a three fight stint in the UFC. Now it’s Brandi’s turn to try her hand in the cage. Narvaez had a very successful 4-0 amateur career and is ready to bring her skills to the professional ranks in her début with LFA against Itzel Esquivel, Friday night at LFA 7. You would think nerves would be an issue for anyone making their pro début, but nope, Narvaez says she is built for this.

“Going into every fight I have never been nervous…I tell Roger, I feel like I was made for this,” Narvaez told The Fight House. “I wish I didn’t have such a late start in this sport, but at the same time I also look at it as I have nothing to lose. I am 32 years old and whether I win or I lose I still have a husband and two awesome kids to come home to. I am not trying to make a career off of fighting. It’s not like it’s supporting me or anything, so I just look at it as go have fun and fulfil a dream. Like I said, at my age who would have ever thought.”

Narvaez has trained for a long time. First boxing when she was younger and then she took up jiu jitsu as she got a little older. She fell in love with MMA, but prior to her amateur début in December of 2014 Narvaez wasn’t on the path to a professional MMA career. However, since making the decision to bite down on her mouth piece and go for it she has accomplished every goal she’s laid out for herself, admitting it has all been a little surreal.

“My first goal when we first talked about fighting was just to be able to get into the cage, and then when it happened the first time and my husband was like do you want to do it again? I was like shoot ya, that was more than I could of ever imagined,” Narvaez said. “Now being pro, I would have never thought I could have made it this far. Then signing with Legacy, it is huge, it is just one things after another. Having that first interview, like I told my husband it is just feels so surreal. It hasn’t sunk in yet that I am even fighting with Legacy.”

“If I made it into the UFC that would be…I wouldn’t even know what to do,” Narvaez added. “It’s like oh my goodness, I am still smiling ear-to-ear at the thought. Roger said it’s a possibility.”

Narvaez has drawn 19-year-old  tae kwon do expert Itzel Esquivel in her début. She admits she doesn’t know a lot about her opponents, she leaves that up to her coaches. She has been filled in though and knows exactly what she is getting herself into, but she is more focused on enjoying every minute of her début in the cage.

“I don’t want it to be a boring fight obviously, I want it to be an entertaining fight, so I hate to say we want it up against the cage and we want that clinch, but at the same time as I don’t want it to be boring, A win is a win,” Narvaez said. “Keeping her close to me and not getting too over anxious is real key. I don’t want to rush anything. I want to take my time and enjoy it, Shit I feel like I have been in camp for three months now. I want to enjoy the fifteen minutes in the cage.”

Narvaez admits the weight cut is a challenging one. She was hoping to make her debut at a 120 lbs catch weight, but there were no takers, so straw weight it is. She has made the weight before and the diet doesn’t last forever. In fact Narvaez has her meals planned out for a day and half following the fight.

“Oh, I have it all planned out as soon as I step out of the cage I have Reeses peanut butter cups in my fight bag, so as soon as the fights over that is the first things I eat,” Narvaez said. “We actually have to drive back to Corpus right after the fight, so I am picking up Whataburger, and a chocolate molten lava cake from Chili’s and eating that on the way home, in the morning I will eat a taco, for lunch its chick filet, for dinner it’s Chico’s which is a Mexican restaurant here and they have an awesome happy hour, so I will have a margaritas.”

Narvaez makes her début Friday night at LFA 7 in Houston, Texas at Arena Theatre.

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