Brendan Allen Wants Another Crack at Trevin Giles

Brendan Allen wants another crack at Trevin Giles more than anything…even a UFC contract.

In March of 2016, Allen suffered his first and only career loss to fellow middleweight Trevin Giles. Since then Allen has run off four straight victories all by submission and feels he’s knocking on the door for a rematch. Although he admittedly wants the rematch with Giles more than anything, he says he would really like it if it were for a title or on the grandest stage of them all.

“I want that fight more than anything. I would take that fight over going to the UFC any day,” Allen said. “Although, I really hope I can beat him where it counts, whether it’s for the LFA belt or in the UFC, those are the two times I would like to fight him again, because I know I will finish him. He just got me that night, he was the better man, no excuses, but I know what I am capable of and I know what will happen the next time we fight.”

Allen says things just didn’t come together that night against Giles. He believes his youth and inexperience were exploited by Giles. During the first round Allen was able to catch Giles with some really strong punches, take his back and nearly finish him, but he believes he  rushed things and it wound up costing him the fight.

“I beat him for the first three minutes of the fight at 65%, imagine what I do at, at least 90%, or if I can stay at 65 the whole time what happens,” Allen said. “I am the first person to rock him where he doesn’t remember what happened. Just being young and immature in the cage, it got me where I didn’t get to finish him. A lot of things played into it, a lot of factors. But like I said, no excuses he was the better man that night, but I know what happens if we fight again, I know what to expect and it will just be a total different outcome.”

Allen is currently set to meet Jon Kirk on Feb. 10 at LFA 3 in Louisiana, which is headlined by none other than Trevin Giles who is set to meet Ryan Spann.

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