Brendan Allen on Eryk Anders: He Isn’t Ready for Us

Brendan Allen was quick to let new comer Eryk Anders know he needs to earn his title shot in the LFA.

Brendan Allen is a Legacy veteran and one of the very best middleweights under the new LFA banner. At just 21-years-old Allen carries a 7-1 record and fought and impressive 6 times last year. He is currently on a five fight win streak, has finished all five opponents and hasn’t gone past the second round in any of them. Allen is staring at a title shot and didn’t take kindly to new comer Eryk Anders trying to jump the line. He was quick to let Anders know he still had work to do before that happens.

“I don’t like to talk crap a lot, it’s just sometimes guys just want to jump to the front of the line by talking and you just got to put them in their place,” Allen told The Fight House. “Eryk is just trying to talk his way into it. He just started with the organization. He has a lot of hype, more hype than talent in my opinion…organizations like this aren’t just going to just say, ‘Oh OK, you won one fight, you gotta a lot of hype lets put you in for a title shot…You got to work your way up the ladder.”

Anders has one fight inside the LFA cage and it happens to come against Jon Kirk, Allen’s last opponent. Both finished Kirk in the first round. Anders did it sooner, but Allen left Kirk in a bloody heap on the mat. Both were impressive victories, but as far as Allen is concerned the victories don’t hold the same weight, because they fought a very different Jon Kirk.

“I went out there and made it look easy. The guy trained for me for eight weeks or more. He is supposed to be a tough veteran and I went out there and made it look easy. That is all I can do at the end of the day,” Allen said. “What is he going to comeback with and say he fought the same guy? The guy took it on a weeks notice. There is no thing there. I had Jon Kirk finished in under a minute, but I let it go because I wanted to put on a show.”

Even at the young age of 21 Allen has proven to be on another level than his counterparts. He has never been to the judges, or the third round as a professional for that matter. His only hiccup as a professional came against Trevin Giles. Giles also happens to be the top ranked middleweight under the LFA banner. Both Allen and Giles sit pretty clearly atop the division, Anders is doing his best to sit himself right there with them but as far as Allen is concerned he simply isn’t ready yet.

“There is nothing that he impresses me on him,” Allen said. “I don’t feel he is athletic, he is too rigid, too stiff, he’s not versatile enough, he is almost like a one trick pony in there. If he can’t hit anybody with that left hand then what happens? He goes for sloppy takedowns, his wrestling is not good. I mean we have looked at him, we’ve studied him and it is what it is, he is not ready for us.”

It is unclear who will fight for the LFA middleweight title or when, but if you ask Allen this isn’t a three horse race, because Anders still has a lot of work to do before he gets his shot.

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