Brendan Allen: Eryk Anders Isn’t Well-Rounded Enough

Brendan Allen is expecting the same ol’ Eryk Anders when they step inside the LFA cage.

It was revealed on The Fight House Podcast that Eryk Anders and Brendan Allen were just waiting to sign the contracts from LFA before meeting in the cage. It is not all that surprising with Trevin Giles on a bit of a hiatus and Ian Heinisch fighting just a couple of weeks ago that this was the fight to make. For Allen’s part he is not at all impressed with the undefeated Anders or his skills and believes the two of them aren’t even comparable.

He is not well rounded enough…Everyone says he has a big left hand and he swears by his left hand, but he has never knocked anybody out cold, they have been TKO’s,” Allen told Jason Sutcliffe on The Fight House Podcast. “His jiu jitsu is maybe an average blue, maybe a beginner purple. His wrestling isn’t any good at all he relies on strength. He hasn’t fought anyone who knows how to use leverage or is strong at all, so there is nothing there that is comparable.”

Anders is a perfect 7-0 with 5 first round TKO’s and is completely confident Allen will be the sixth. Even predicting he would finish Allen in under three minutes. However, Allen is quick to point out that Anders has never been in there with anyone at his level and as for the power in Anders left hand, he isn’t concerned…at all.

“I am not scared of that left what so ever,” Allen said. “he has never done it to (KO’d) anybody before…I will be there for him to do it, I can promise you that. There is going to be no quit in me. We can stand in the middle and throw it out whatever, I don’t back up. I don’t know how to back up. Only way you will see me back up is to circle and reset myself… He can talk all he wants about who he is going to put to sleep, but we will find out.”

Allen is confident that whether on the ground, at distance, or in the clinch he is light years ahead of Anders in all areas. He says Anders is predictable and expects to see the same old stuff when  the two meet in the cage.

“There is nothing different between his fights. The only things you can see different between his fights as a pro is that he’s lighter on his feet. All the rest of his stuff is exactly the same,” Allen said. “He throws the same combinations and looks for the same things, nothing is different. He can say he is going to change all he wants, but you can’t really change too much technique or add too much to your game in a month or so, so it is what it is.”

Nothing is set in stone, but the two are expected to meet some time at the end of June. We will keep you updated as things develop.

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