Brooke Mayo Ready to Enter the Mix in the Flyweight Divison

Brooke Mayo is looking to send a message to everyone that there is a new contender in the flyweight division.

After a 14 fight amateur career Brooke Mayo is set to make her professional and debut on the main card of Bellator 172 against Veta Arteaga. Although Arteaga has three professional fights under her belt Mayo feels like she is in fact the more experienced and better prepared fighter heading into the cage.

“Honestly on paper I know I haven’t had any pro fights, but 14 amateur fights is more than my opponent. She’s had four or five amateurs and she’s had 3 pro, so in a way you could argue that I have had more experience,” Mayo said. “It may not translate to the same amount of minutes in the cage, but I have seen a lot of different fighters compared to her.”

Heading into the fight and being as it’s her pro debut Mayo is the underdog and according to her it’s something she is used to. However, after watching Arteaga’s fight tapes, she believes there is no mystery to what Arteaga will bring to the cage and in fact believes she has the more diverse and superior skills set.

“I feel like I know her a little bit better than she knows me, which is huge. I think that since my last fight I have evolved a lot over the last eight months,” Mayo said. “I have watched several of her fights and she has fought the same way each fight, so I feel really confident, because I feel like I have done my homework. I have done my physical preparation and also with my mental preparation, so I feel good.

“I have a more diverse skills set. I have more diverse striking, I throw some different stuff, that a lot of people don’t typically see,” Mayo continued. “Also, on the ground I feel like I have an advantage too, just because of the calibre of people I train with. In California you just see a higher level of competition, so I am feeling really good about that right now. I am just ready for whatever happens in the fight. I don’t feel like I need to force one thing. I am just going to let her determine what she wants to have happen. If she wants to stand and bang, good luck to her. If she wants to take it to the ground, again good luck to her.”

Mayo is incredibly confident heading into her pro debut. She certainly isn’t star struck or just happy to be there. According to her she intends to send a very clear message to everyone in the flyweight division that there is a new contender in town. She even has her eye on a couple ladies she would like to tangle with after she handles her business on Saturday.

“I just want to send a message that I am definitely a competitor and  if this fight goes according to plan  I want to make a statement that I am here to be a title contender,” Mayo said. “I’m here to maybe fight Anastasia or Ilima-Lei MacFarlane some of those girls that already have 4 professional fights. Bellator at the end of the day is setting me up with someone who has three professional fights, so what is stopping me from fighting somebody with four professional fights or five. I really don’t think any of that should matter. I really hope after this fight…they will look at me as somebody they can throw into the mix.”

Mayo and Arteaga will kick off the main card Saturday night, which will be headlined by Matt Mitrione and the Bellator debut of legend Fedor Emelianenko.



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