After Months of Mistreatment Bubba “Breaks-Up With Bellatorina”

After months of mistreatment Bubba Jenkins walks away from “Bellatorina”.

“I broke up with my girlfriend Bellatorina, she wasn’t the most faithful girl to me,” Jenkins said. “I have known things weren’t going my way for quite a long time now.”

Jenkins carries an 11-3 record with two of his three loses coming against Georgi Karakhanyan. As a national champion wrestler, Jenkins game plan is no secret, takedown, control and smash. The Bellator brass made it clear to Jenkins that they did not favour that style regardless of how successful he was. A message he had a hard time trying to understand.

“They didn’t like my performance against Joe Wilk, they didn’t like the way I won that fight,”Jenkins said. “I am a wrestler, you signed me as a wrestler. I stand up every now and then to get my wrestling going and then I just beat the hell out of you when I get you on the ground. You were mad at a wrestler for being a wrestler… you want me to do what I don’t do, you want me to be who I am not.

“The organization matched me with Goiti Yamauchi, a 19-2 rising star. I demolished him, I won on a unanimous decision and the organization comes back and tells my agent they would rather have seen him lose to me the way he lost to me than have seen me win the way I won,” Jenkins continued. “That doesn’t make sense to me. I smashed him on the ground and he is a tap out specialist – he has like 14 first round tapouts or something like that – and in his game I beat him up. Basically you are where you were, because we would rather see him lose the way he lost, than see you win the way you won.”

Jenkins entered Bellator as a highly sought after Division 1 national champion, but under the new Scott Coker regime he feels like he is now on the outside looking in. He says Bellator still owes him money from his last fight with Georgi Karakhanyan who showed up four pounds over weight.

“I lose the fight again to George, again right before negotiations, again coming off of a four fight winning streak, and they’re like we’re going to take care of you and I still haven’t fought,” Jenkins said. “I was like OK I want to fight in October, how about a card in San Jose or something, I got denied that fight. OK lets fight Justin Lawrence on another card. He’s a California guy that hasn’t fought all year, lets fight in California, they decline me the Justin fight, they decline me Emmanuel Sanchez fight, they decline me all these fights. It’s like I have a child coming on the eighth of December. I have not been paid all my money since August 26. Also, I haven’t fought since August 26. So, you owe me money, you haven’t fought me and now being declined fights.

“People are going to treat you as you allow them to treat you and I have allowed them to treat me like crap,” Jenkins continued. “I want the Gallagher fight or my money and they’re like we’re are going to give you the money, but we don’t like the Gallgher fight and they haven’t given me money. At this point it’s lost…I just had a new born that you know of, it’s crazy. It’s crazy to think that you’re going to say you’re a fighters first organization and this is how you’re going to treat me.”

Jenkins is still unsure what his next move will be, or where he will land, but says he will entertain all offers.

“I am waiting to hear who really wants to be part of what I have to offer. I speak well, I am entertaining, I am able to conversate and interview with anyone and do everything that I love to do…I am looking forward to whoever wants to show me the respect, love and care that I am going to show them, because every time I do something I wear my heart on my sleeve,” Jenkins said. “after dumping an ex-girlfriend named Bellatorina, it would be amazing to pick up another hot chick in the UFC, but I just want to listen to everybody and make the best decision for my family.”

Jenkins says his phine has been ringing, so we will have to wait and see who’s cage Jenkins walks into next




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