Bubba Jenkins Is Getting Back To His Old Ways

Bubba Jenkins is looking to bring back the confidence he had as a National Champion.

Bubba Jenkins is one of the most decorated wrestlers on the Bellator roster. As a division 1 national champion Jenkins carried himself with a great deal of confidence admittedly bordering on cocky. However, as a mixed martial artist Jenkins has carried himself in a much different way and says there’s a reason for that.

“As I got into MMA, because I didn’t really know what’s going on and to me it was a whole new sport. It ain’t like if I can go out there and get myself a takedown. It is a whole different sport,” Jenkins said in an interview with thefighthouse.com. “I wanted to have a little bit more humility. I didn’t want to a come in – ie like a James Gallagher – and talk all this trash that I don’t know nothing about. I wanted to have a little bit more humility.

“I did well, then I took some loses and I got hungry, but I never got cocky, I stayed humble and I stayed quiet,” Jenkins continued. “I knocked off the guys they put in front me and never called anybody out until Jordan Parson’s came a long – god rest his soul – and we had our little battle with words. I got through those points and I did some talking with him. Other than that I stayed in my own lane, driving my own car trying to get it to the top.”

Jenkins now 14 fights into his MMA career is much more comfortable in his skin as a mixed martial artist and is starting to shed that quiet persona. He recently found himself bantering with Irish Prospect James Gallagher on Twitter and Jenkins was anything but quiet, or humble. He was clear and confident that he would not only beat the young Gallagher, but embarrass him and on his home soil.

“When I was in high-school and back when I was in college, I was just a little bit more walking the line of cocky. Very very confident, walking the thin line of cocky. I was very flambouant in college, I was very charismatic,” Jenkins said. “That is the type of concept I’m bringing back, that mentality that I had in high-school like nobody can touch me, nobody’s as fast as me, nobody’s as athletic as me and just that confident border line cocky mentality that’s what I am trying to bring back, that was me getting back to my old ways.”


Jenkins says you can get used to him expressing his confidence, but he will toe the line and be sure not to cross over into cocky.

“You gotta toe that line. You gotta build the haters, but also you want to make sure your own fans aren’t like ‘ah, this guy I don’t know if I like him anymore.’ You still have to play both sides of the stick.




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