Bubba Jenkins Wants To Teach Young James Gallagher A Lesson

Bellator prospect James Gallagher took to social media with his opinion of American wrestlers and it landed him in the cross hairs of division 1 national wrestling champion and Bellator vet Bubba Jenkins.

Jenkins and Gallagher have had a very public feud over the past week on social media, which stemmed from an Instagram post following Gallagher’s third round submission victory over Anthony Taylor at Bellator 169 in Ireland. In the post Gallagher said, “They tell me I don’t know real American wrestling, but then don’t believe me when I say I’ll strangle everyone of them.”A claim that didn’t sit well with Jenkins.

Jenkins a former national champion with deep wrestling roots felt the need to defend American wrestling and went right after Gallagher through Twitter. The thought that Gallagher believes he’s capable of choking out every American wrestler based on his victory over Anthony Taylor brings a laugh out of Jenkins.

“I trained with Anthony Taylor often. I trained with him all the time when I was at the old gym,” Jenkins said. “To be quite frank, without disrespecting Anthony Taylor, Anthony is not on my level. He couldn’t stay on the mat with me, whether we were standing up banging or wrestling, or whatever.

“He never wrestled in high-school, college, or anything like that, so it’s not like he’s a representation of an American wrestler,” Jenkins continued. “After James struggled with him he’s flying on the cage thinking he did some grand feat and Anthony Taylor isn’t even close to one of the best wrestlers, not even in our gym. It’s no big thing to beat Anthony Taylor”

According to Jenkins this isn’t the first time his name has been called by Gallagher either. He first heard of the Irishman when he signed with Bellator and immediately called out him and champion Daniel Strauss. Jenkins didn’t think much of it the first time, but after the second time he believes it’s something that needs to be addressed.

“I am in here to not only back USA wrestling, because that’s my family, that’s where I’m from, but also to let this kid know, the first time you call me out, whatever, the second time you call me out, I am not just going to let you keep throwing rocks at my window,” Jenkins said. “That ain’t how this game works. This ain’t football, I will punch you in your face and have a contract to do so.”

Jenkins respects the confidence, but something about the way Gallagher has gone about his business rubs him the wrong way. He would love nothing more than to settle his issues with the Irish prospect right in his own backyard.

“‘You disrespect the flag and I will make you fly the flag in my country’. Bro give me the flag, I am telling you right now I will go over there and it’ll be a different colour flag,” Jenkins said “I have walked into many of enemy territory and walked out with some heads, so to fight him in Dublin, to fight him in Ireland would put me at home. He thinks I would be at a road game, I actually would be at home. Especially with all the people booing me and all the people hating me that is my home. The pressure is on him when he’s at home.”

“Anywhere they want to fight we’ll gladly show up with our red, white and blue on and smack that ass,” Jenkins added.

Jenkins has reached out to Bellator about setting the fight up, but is currently playing the waiting game. He says he isn’t overly confident the young Gallagher will take the fight at the end of the day.

“There on the line with him, but they said they need a verbal from him. They don’t know if he would actually really take the fight,” Jenkins said. “I think what it needs to be is people need to get behind this fight…He talked all that shit about wrestling, so wrestling vs whatever scrubby Irish group he wants to claim, whatever discipline he thinks he’s got, than lets get it on. A good ‘ol fashion you vs us or us vs them.”

“In the bible it says pride comes before the fall and I am here to show him that,” He added.

If Gallagher is truly confident he can strangle every American wrestlers, while he has an opportunity to choke out one of the very best in Bubba Jenkins.

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