Cameron Else Calls Out Irish Prospect James Gallagher

Cameron Else picked up the biggest win in his career at Bellator 169 and he wants another Irish prospect next.

Else made quick work of SBG’s Dylan Tuke, picking up the TKO victory in just 20 seconds. The Englishman took a risk accepting the fight on short notice and it paid off.

“It was a big opportunity, my biggest fight to date, and I seized the opportunity,” Else said. “I did what I wanted to do, and it’s hard to beat a guy who believes in himself as much as I believe in myself.”

Else plans on staying with Bellator and believes the next step is a logical one. The featherweight wants Tuck’s team mate and undefeated Irish prospect James Gallagher.

“Listen, if I’m going to stay in Bellator, then it’s simple,” Else said. “It’s Dylan’s teammate–no disrespect to James, but come on, James. You are fighting a guy in the co-main event who’s 1-1. Come fight me. I’ve got more fights under my belt than what he’s got.

“Let’s step it up, man. Let’s not be fake to the people out there and make out we are that superstar we’re not yet.”

Bellator 169 was a big night for Gallagher as well. The talented young SBG prospect moved to 5-0 by chocking out Anthony Taylor in round three. Gallgher was fighting in front of his home town and from the reaction of the people it seems he’s coming up with quite the  following and heavy expectations. Else believes Gallagher needs to fight guys like him in order to fulfill those expectations.

“Don’t get me wrong, all the cameras and the way Bellator are pushing it, they want him to be the next big thing and that,” Else said. “Listen though: The only way people become the next big thing is if they take out big things in front of them–that’s the only way.

“They know I’m legit. I don’t play around. They know I’ve just come into Ireland on two weeks’ notice and fought their home kid and I did what I had to do in 20 seconds.”

Else encouraged Gallagher to speak up and ask for the fight, he even has a couple ideas of where it could happen.

“Take the fight,” Else said. “James, tell them you want me. I don’t mind. Apparently, Bellator are going to Belfast in February–that’s your hometown. I’m game, bring me to your hometown. If not, then why not my neck of the wood in London. I’ve heard whispers they are going to be there in May.”

This would be a good fight for Else. Gallagher is a name with a fair bit of hype behind it. He better be prepared though because the Irish prospect is no joke picking up the finish in four of his five fights.

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