Carlos Hernandez: My Goal is to Retire My Parents

Every mixed martial artist has career goals and new comer Carlos Hernandez is no different.

Hernandez is just days away from making his MMA debut at Titan 43 and his decorated amateur career has him more than prepared for the mental, emotional and physical demands of his debut. At just 23 Hernandez isn’t at all concerned about nerves, but is happy to finally get a pay cheque.

“I think the amateur experience is going to help me out a lot here,” Hernandez said in an interview with The Fight House. “It’s going to be like any other fight with the exception that I get paid now. It will be nice to collect a cheque at the end of it.”

Family is important to the humble young flyweight and his career goals stretch well beyond world titles. The goal for Hernandez reaches back to his home life. The goal is to give: give back to the people who gave him so much and give everything to the family’s next generation. He isn’t naive though, he knows that his success in the sport is as much about entertainment as it is athletics and he’s prepared to embrace that.

“My goal is to retire my parents. I am here because of them and the work ethic they have instilled in me, so I would like to just be able to retire them and have them and my future family live comfortably,” Hernandez said. “You have to remember we’re in the entertainment business… The guys that are making more bucks are the ones who put butts in seats… I wouldn’t say anything I don’t believe is true, I wouldn’t like straight up lie, but if someone’s talking smack, I have no problem talking it back. I am a bit of a smart ass myself.

Before Hernandez made the jump to pro there were a couple of things he had to accomplish first: One, his coach demanded he have at least 12 amateur fights in order to give him some seasoning before his jump into the professional ranks. Two, he wanted to graduate college. Providing for his family is important to him and he understands that in fighting there is a small window of opportunity.

“I graduated with a degree in sports management and marketing and a minor in accounting,” Hernandez said. “I had to have a back up plan to. You can’t do this sport forever, I know one day my body won’t allow me to, so good to have a little back up plan too.”

Hernandez is entering the pro ranks with a great deal of hype surrounding him. The 23-year-old won both the national and world amateur championships and has spent a great deal of time training with Titan FC flyweight champion, Jose “Shorty” Torres. We will see how things go for the blue chip prospect next weekend in Florida.

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