Carlos Vera Looking for the Support of a Country

Carlos Vera’s goals for 2017? March his way up the Legacy Fighting Alliance (LFA) rankings and connect with his South American roots.

Vera spent 2016 establishing himself on the regional scene in Louisiana and he did so with great success. After dropping his first professional fight Vera has run off four straight including a 3-0 run in 2016. Being signed by LFA meant his goals for 2016 were officially accomplished, but now it’s 2017 and according to Vera he has a new list of things he’s ready to accomplish.

“I am fighting for Legacy 2017 and my goal is to make my mark in Legacy this year,” Vera said. “I am looking forward to it, I feel my game is improved a lot, I am ready to face tougher and more experienced opponents.”

Vera’s goals extend outside of the cage as well. He comes from an Ecuadorian background and it’s his goal to garner the support of the his South American people.

“I am trying to build a following in South America. I am from Equador, Manta to be exact,” Vera said. “My goal for 2017, is to have a few more camps out there. At least a three week, or a month camp to be recognized a bit more as a fighter over there, increase my following in South America and use that as an avenue to success and notoriety…I want a country behind me and that is how I know I can definitely get some good press and some good success.”

According to Vera until now Ecuador has only produced a single MMA fighter who’s made a mark and you’ll have to go back to the UFC’s TUF Latin American season to find him. Marlon  “Chito” Vera who sports a 10-3 record and is 2-2 in the UFC. Carlos admits it burned to see an Ecuadorian fighter who shares his last name make it to the main stage before him.

“They only have one MMA fighter who has made a mark and it was because of the Ultimate Fighter Latin America and his name is “Chito” Vera and sure enough my last name is Vera too – it is a very common Ecuadorian name – I am not going to lie I saw him make it before me to the UFC and I had a little bit of a burn inside, because I know it’s a race to represent your country,” Vera said.

He will make his LFA debut against Joel Scott on Feb. 10, at the Golden Nugget Hotel and Casino in Lake Charles, Louisiana.

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