Casey Kenney Wants All the Belts

Casey Kenney to rise to the occasion with the best performance of his career.

Undefeated Casey Kenney brings his skills to the LFA cage against Bruno Silva at LFA 11. Everything about this fight is a step up for Kenney. Silva is likely the toughest opponent of his career, LFA is definitely the biggest stage he’s competed on  and this will be his first time competing on national television. All that brings a lot of pressure for a young fighter, but Kenney expects those variables will bring out the best performance of his career.

“The bigger the stage, the bigger the show, that is when my best performances come out,” Kenney told The Fight House. “Obviously, it’s an honour to fight for LFA. It will be my first televised fight, not to far away in Phoenix, so I should have a good little crowd which I haven’t been able to have at Tachi Palace being so far from Tucson. There are a lot of things that kinda bring some of that pressure, but I am ready for it. I think just from past experiences and stuff when the pressures on that is when I seem to perform my best, so I am ready to see what is going to happen on May 5.”

His opponent Bruno Silva is a TUF vet and BJJ black belt. At 9-3 Silva is as tough a competitor as you’re going to find outside the UFC. Kenney acknowledges his abilities on the mat, but believes ultimately he is the better martial artist.

“(I need to) Come out establish my range, stick to my game plan – which I don’t like to have a for sure game plan fighting, things happen – I have an idea of how the fight should play out,” Kenney said. “If I keep my range I am going to be a little bit longer than him on the feet. Keep that perfect range and he is going to have a hard time hitting me and will hopefully be right at the end of my strikes. I think that is going to be a big factor.

“I think I am just all around better. I believe he has a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu black belt, he is training with some good grapplers, but I have had some submissions,” Kenney added. “Nobody has seen the grappling I can do, because I have kept most of my fights on the feet, which I am pretty comfortable now. They just happen to go to the ground, so wherever he wants to take it I will be ready for it.”

Like most fighters Kenney has goals of competing on the UFC main-stage against the best in the world. with a life time of wrestling and judo experience he is confident he could compete against the very best in the world. Kenney isn’t shy about his goals either, he makes it clear, he wants all the belts.

“I am coming for all the belts and if I have to snatch a few on the way up to where I am going that would be great,” Kenney said. “I have the Tachi Palace belt and now I don’t see why if I come out and finish Bruno in spectacular fashion – which I plan – I don’t see why that wouldn’t put me in title contention for LFA. I am undefeated, I already have one belt, take out a tough guy and if they want my next fight to be for the LFA belt then lets do it.

“Demetrious is the best pound for pound fighter in the world, but I think I would give him some problems,” Kenney said. “I think most of the guys in the UFC flyweight division right now, not only would I give them problems, I think I would take out most of those guys. If they want me on a short notice title fight against Demetrious for my first UFC fight lets do it.”

LFA 11 goes down in Phoenix, Arizona at the Comerica Theatre. If you’re unable to  be there you can catch the event live at 9 pm ET on and The Fight Network for Canadian fans.



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