Cole Miller: If They Send Me A Contract, I’m Not Signing That

Cole Miller is preparing for what he believes is his last fight in the octagon.

To say Cole Miller is a disgruntled employee would be an understatement. Miller was originally supposed to face Mizuto Hirota in Manila, Philippines two months ago, before the entire card was scrapped. A decision Miller didn’t find out about until he was on his way overseas. The UFC compensated Miller with $10,000, approximately a third of his show money. Millers who was a guest on the MMA Hour with Ariel Helwani says the money barely covered his camp expenses.

“That was less than a third of my show money and people think that $10,000 dollars is all this money  when I spent like $9,300 for the training camp,” Miller said.

Miller reached out  to the UFC brass in hopes of receiving the rest of his show money, or at the very least to discuss his grievances. Since he was ready and willing to fight and had already forked out his own money on camp and travel he was hoping to be compensated with his show money which he believes is owed to him. He even offered to fly to Vegas on his own dime and pay for his own accommodations to secure a meeting with White or one of the powers that be, but was declined.

“They couldn’t even give me a reason and then when I tried to fly out on my own dime, they were like, ‘Nope, not taking a meeting with you,’

“All that I needed them to do was just listen to me and I’d listen to them, you know the way it should be done,” Miller said “And I’ll fly out on my own dime and get my own hotel and all that stuff.”

Miller has been preparing to fight Hirota for 17 weeks and the two will finally do battle this Saturday in Sacramento at UFC on FOX 22.. It is the last fight on Miller’s contract and as far as he is concerned his last fight in the UFC.

“It seems like they don’t want me back by just the way they’re treating me, ignoring me,” Miller said. “If I win this fight and they send me a contract, I’m not signing that. Why would I want to fight for you when you didn’t show any interest in me fighting for you? Just take that thing on back.”

According to Miller when he reached out for a meeting to discuss compensation for the Manila card he was told by Sean Shelby to just beat Hirota and then re-negotiate  his contract with the UFC.  A idea that makes no sense to Miller.

“None of that makes sense,” Miller said. “Why would I want to re-negotiate with somebody that doesn’t want to listen to my issues and my grievances. And what does winning one fight have to do with getting paid for a training camp you already did?”

Miller is currently in Sacramento for fight week, but says he has yet to see or hear from any of the UFC brass. When asked if he thought he would receive the cold shoulder this week, he laughed.

“I’ve been getting the cold shoulder for what, 3 1/2 months now?” Miller said. “I’ve been getting the cold shoulder in other aspects when I’m trying to fight and Sean Shelby books me every 10 months. You think that’s what I want to do? Fight every 10 months? C’mon, man.”

All of his grievances aside Miller is still open to a conversation with White if the opportunity should present itself.

“I’m never past anything,” he said. “If he (White) wants to have a meeting or a discussion, that’s exactly what I’ve been wanting for the last four months. I’d certainly be open to a discussion.”


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