Damon Jackson Finally Gets “Sketchy” Aguilar in the Cage

It has taken a few years but we are now only days away from either Damon Jackson or Kevin Aguilar being crowned the LFA featherweight champion.

Jackson and Aguilar have been staring at each other from across the street for a very long time. The two have been lined up to fight on multiple occasions. First under the Legacy FC banner, but Leonard Garcia upset Aguilar in a title fight before going on to lose it to Jackson in his first title defence. The second time was this past November when the two were contractually committed to fighting  at Legacy FC 61, but Aguilar came up hurt. An injury Jackson calls “sketchy”, questioning how legitimate it really was.

“He pulled out a week and a half before the fight and I had to fight a new opponent, a different game plan,” Jackson said. “The whole thing was a little sketchy. He had taken a picture like two weeks before the fight and he was weighing about 175 maybe 180, so he was massive and not trying to cut weight at all. When they told us he was out of the fight, he posted that picture and I saw it. He was telling me he hurt his ribs, or whatever happened. Then it came out that he hurt his back, or something like that. His story didn’t line up.”

Jackson is taking this fight on four weeks notice. He is coming off a win against Charles Cheeks at LFA 1, but didn’t even consider turning the fight down when the promotion came calling. Jackson says his only issue was making sure he recovered on time.

“I am coming off my last fight, so I didn’t have to kill myself with conditioning, my weight was good. My diets good, I have the same guy year around, so that is huge. It’s really just a matter of making sure that I was recovered in time,” Jackson said. “I managed my weight well, enough that I didn’t go up and I didn’t really lose any mass or anything, which is always kind of a worry when you go on a quick turnaround you lose a little bit of muscle mass…I put a little bit of weight on so I feel really good, really recovered.”

Jackson is in a good place mentally at this point of his career. He is heading into the fight confident. According to Jackson promoters have attempted to put this fight together multiple times and every time he says there have been issues on Aguilar’s end. He believes it is clear that Aguilar is not comfortable with how the two match-up.

“He’s not comfortable with the match-up, obviously,” Jackson said. “He’s turned down the match-up against me twice and I knew about it because people on the inside told me he doesn’t want to fight. We can’t get him to sign the contract. It took him about a week to sign the first contract and the next time it took him like two weeks to sign it.”

Jackson has had a taste for the bright lights of the main stage. After a two year stint in the UFC, which saw him fight three times, Jackson is hungry to make his way back there.

“It’s not really that I am so confident, I am just ready to face whatever it is. He is just in the way of me getting back to the UFC. He’s the guy I’ve got to beat right now, so he’s just the next step,” Jackson said.

Jackson and Aguilar will headline LFA 4 this Friday at the Horseshoe Casino and Hotel in Bossier City Louisiana.




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