David Rickels Puts Grizzly Beating on Aaron Derrow

The only thing that topped David Rickels mannequin challenge walk out was his performance.

Rickels put on one the best performances of his career at Bellator 171. Always the showman, the performance started before a punch was even thrown. He incorporated roughly a dozen people into his walkout. Everybody from ring girls to Bellator employees were involved in the Mannequin challenge.

Right from the first bell it was pretty clear it was going to be a long night for Aaron Derrow and a long night it was.  Rickels put a hellacious beating on him for pretty well the entire fight. Dropping him numerous times with punches and following it up with very strong ground and pound. after the second round commentators were doubtful Derrow’s corner would even send him back out for the third.

Following the fight Rickels called out anyone looking for an exciting fight in both the lightweight and welterweight division. Overall, It could have easily have been the performance of the night.

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