Dom Pilarte Will be a Matador Against Adrian Yanez

Dom Pilarte plans to be a matador in the cage Friday night.

Dom Pilarte is as big as a fighter gets at 135 pounds. At 6’0″ tall and with a 74″ reach he can be quite the puzzle inside the cage. When he squares off with Adrian Yanez Friday night at LFA 7 he will enjoy a 5″ height advantage, a 4.5″ reach advantage and he plans to use every inch to his advantage. Pilarte has one loss on his record against Caio Machado and says if Yanez is expecting the same brawling style on Friday night he’s mistaken.

“I have started to learn how to use my reach more to my advantage. Once I master it these guys at 35 aren’t going to be able to touch me with a broom,” Pilarte said. “I use my reach, I use my jab – my measuring stick to keep guys at bay, at a distance, I measure. That is what I want to do in this fight. He is expecting a brawl which in some my fights, especially the one where I got fight of the year with Machado we just kind of threw down. I don’t really fight like that any more. There is no reason for me to fight like that especially at my weight class.”

Pilarte is content to sit on the outside all night and pepper Yanez with the jab. The onus is going to be on Yanez to close the distance and get at a range where he can connect. Pilarte believes once he starts connecting from the outside and Yanez realizes he isn’t going to engage in a brawl he’ll start looking to shoot and that is something Pilarte welcomes with open arms.

“I am going to let him bring the fight to me and just counter his offence,” Pilarte said. “He is going to get frustrated, over commit and I am going to counter him hard coming in, or he is most likely going to shoot and if he does I don’t think he is going to be really comfortable on the ground with me. I am a lot longer and I have grappled in national tournaments, I have placed at IBJJF before, I have had maybe 50 to 100 grappling matches and have beaten black belts before. I have trained with some of the best in the world on the ground.”

“I know he’s never fought anybody close to my level,” Pilarte continued” “I know it’s a step up for him. If I use my attributes and I follow the game plan 100% it should be a good night for me.”

An incredibly humble and thankful Pilarte asked if he could thank his coaches and his sponsors who make his competing possible, so here he goes.

“I want to thank my lord and saviour Jesus Christ. I want to thank my coaches Jeff Messina, Saul Faz, Mark Beecher, and Big Lou,” said Pilarte. “Big thanks to my sponsors: R.E.S., ARN Nutrition, Big H Exotics and Houston Flex.”

Pilarte and Yanez square off this Friday at LFA 7 in Houston, Texas at the Arena Theatre. The fights air live on at 9pm.

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