Dominic Montoya Wants Stand-Up Battle with Slobodan Maksimovic

Dominic Montoya is expecting a stand-up war with Slobodan Maksimovic at LFA 10.

Montoya (7-0) is only six weeks removed from his first round victory over Santana Martinez and will put his undefeated record on the line against Maksimovic at LFA 10. For Montoya this is the first time he’s been matched up with a foreign fighter, an opportunity he has been looking forward to.

“This fight is a bigger deal than the last one. Definitely a step up in competition,” Montoya told The Fight House. “It is the first time I have fought someone who is a foreigner, I have been looking for that for a while. Just fighting local people you never move up in the ranks.”

Maksimovic is a tough opponent for Montoya. He has double the pro experience and has gone the distance numerous times. He is very durable. Montoya wants to put on a fan friendly fight and believes Maksimovic would prefer to stand as well. However, he admits that ultimately he is there for the “W” and will take Maksimovic to the ground if necessary.

“I would like to keep it standing that is always the plan, because the fans always love to see that, but If I need to grind it out with him and make it a boring fight, hold him on his back and tire him out so I can have fun in the third I will do that. I see him wanting to stand personally,” Montoya said. “I think he is going to want to stand until I check him in the chin, or until he checks me in the chin and then it will probably go to the ground. But, I don’t see either one of us jumping for a takedown, just to do it, I think one of us is going to have to get caught. Stand-up wise I think he is decent and I am decent, but ground game no matter what I’ll have an advantage there.”

Montoya is by no means looking past Maksimovic, in fact it’s quite the opposite. He is very focused on the task at hand. He does however have another name on his radar, Thai Clark, an undefeated lightweight out of Kansas & Missouri. Montoya says fighting another undefeated fighter has some appeal to it.

“Originally the name they threw out there was Thai Clark. He is 7-0 out of Missouri and Kansas and that one looked awesome to me,” Montoya said. “I loved the idea of two undefeated fighters and the “0” must go. I haven’t had one of those fights since I was 3-0. I enjoy it, knowing that someone is leaving with the loss. It gives you a little bit more motivation on both sides, you’re going for broke. I would love to see that fight.”

Montoya and Maksimovic will meet April 21 at LFA 10 in Pueblo, Colorado at the Massari Arena. It will air live on at 9 pm.



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