Dulani Perry on UFC Bantamweights: I Think They All Suck

Dulani Perry doesn’t believe there is a bantamweight on the UFC roster who would be a problem for him.

Perry has received a whole lot of attention following his decision victory over Leomana Martinez at LFA 7. As dominant as the victory was it isn’t what he did during the fight that got all the attention, it is what he said after the fight. Perry declared himself the “Fight God” – a moniker he has tattooed on his stomach – claiming no one could touch him and that he would never lose. In a conversation with Jason Sutcliffe during The Fight House podcast Perry doubled down when asked about the UFC’s bantamweight division.

“I think they all suck. They’re put on a pedestal because they’re on T.V. and people know them, but I can show you martial artists in the gyms who would spank these guys and you are talking to one of them right now. These guys don’t have nothing for me,” Perry said. “I am from New York City, so you got NBA players playing professional basketball but they come to Rucker Park in New York City and they can’t do nothing, so it’s kind of the same thing here. All of these guys on TV, they’re shining they look good but when they face me you’re going to see what a real talent is. I am the “Fight God”, ain’t nobody taking that from me.”

Perry who started his journey as a martial artist studying karate before making the move to mixed martial arts has been training for more than 25 years. The bantamweight is currently undefeated at 3-0 but says he has been competing with UFC fighters for years in gyms across the country and has never even wore a mouth piece.

“A lot of people in these gyms do know me, because I have been beating these guys up for years. The UFC fighters, I have been beating them up, I have been spanking these guys in gyms,” Perry said. “Right now I’m in Miami, tomorrow I will go to the Blackzilians, train with them and show them who I am. I will be in there talking the same thing ‘I am the fight god’, this is what it is.

“I never let anybody hit me. I have been training for the last seven years, I never wear a mouth piece at no gym I train at,” Perry continued. “I spar with everybody UFC fighters, Bellator fighters, Glory fighters, everybody. I never wear a mouthpiece at no gym I train in. My teeth are good, my teeth are straight, never had a busted lip, never had a black eye, I never get hit in my face.”

Dulani expects to be with the UFC before long and competing for a title not long after that.  He has supreme confidence that he will hold the UFC bantamweight title. He says his physical abilities along with his approach to the sport is what sets him apart from everybody else.

“Their not messing with me. I am too fast. I am too smart of a fighter. A lot of these guys fight hard but they’re not smart,” Perry said. “I fight smart this is not a fight this is a sport, so you gotta to understand how to manipulate the pointing system. I fight for points, I don’t fight to knock people out, to submit them, I fight to manipulate the pointing system and I get out of there. I go to the club after the fight, I look good.”

According to Perry LFA is trying to line him up with former Legacy bantamweight champion Steven Peterson who is coming off a loss against Leandro Higo at LFA 1.

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