Eryk Anders: Brendan Allen Will Be My First Real KO

Eryk Anders believes he will dispatch of Brendan Allen in under three minutes.

Anders revealed on The Fight House Podcast that he was just waiting on the contract from LFA to meet fellow middleweight Brendan Allen in the cage. Anders is a perfect 7-0 as a professional, finishing six fights, five of them in the first round. The powerful middleweight made the transition from football to MMA following his time with the Alabama Crimson Tide and he brought every ounce of power and explosiveness with him. Anders believes his skills match up very well with the 7-1 Allen.

“I feel like I match-up very well with Brendan Allen. I think he is a bit stiff, not very explosive, slow twitch, soft body, skilled opponent don’t get me wrong, but I think I come out of there with another first round victory,”Anders told Jason Sutcliffe on The Fight House Podcast. “I believe Brendan Allen will be my first real knockout. go stiff, go limp knockout.”

To this point Anders has had a great deal of success and his left hand has proved to be a problem for most of his opponents. Brendan Allen is without a doubt a step up in competition for Anders, but ultimately he believes the outcome will be exactly the same.

“I see it going down in less than three minutes with a knockout, not a TKO but a knockout, unconscious,” Anders said. “I am not sure if his chin has been tested, but he fights with his chin up, his chin out and too much space between his hands, so he has a lot of stuff to correct before he gets in there with me.”

It is a good time to be a middleweight. The UFC is set to hold try-outs for The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) on May 23. Anders says the LFA title would open the same doors but isn’t ruling out the idea of attending the try-outs just yet.

“I am considering it. I am kind of weighing my options and seeing which one is a better opportunity for me,” Anders said. “Not out of the question, but I am really looking forward to stepping in that cage hopefully in my home state of Texas.

“They are both excellent opportunities,” Anders added. “Usually the title holders from Legacy make their way to the UFC. I think there will be a little bit more work involved with the Ultimate Fighter; I have to fight two or three times, I have to cut weight a bunch of times, but I think the overall experience would be really fun and something I would look forward to doing.”

Anders is unsure if the fight with Allen will  be for the LFA title or not. Given that the title is currently vacant,  there are only a handful of guys sitting atop of the division and top ranked Trevin Giles currently has no interest in taking a fight, you have to think there is a good possibility the gold will be on the line. If so Anders is “quite confident” he will walk away with the belt.

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