Eryk Anders to Brendan Allen: Getting Finished Doesn’t Warrant a Rematch

Eryk Anders isn’t impressed with high ranking middleweight Brendan Allen and believes he should be next in line for the LFA middleweight strap.

Anders made his LFA debut at LFA 6 and it went as good as a debut possibly could. He made quick work of Jon Kirk, stopping the veteran in under two minutes by TKO. The first round stoppage made it four in a row and the third by TKO. Anders is new to the promotion and fairly inexperienced, but mixed with a little social media trash talk has managed to put himself right in the title discussion. Anders is far from surprised at how quickly he became relevant in the title conversation.

“The middleweight division is pretty shallow at Legacy,” Anders said. “I think there is only a few people worth mentioning fighting for it. Whether it be my first fight or my tenth fight I don’t think you can help but recognize me as one of the top guys in the conversation.”

It is understood by most that Trevin Giles has secured himself a shot at the title if he wants it. It is still unclear what is next though as Giles is currently in talks with the UFC. If he should decide to to compete for the LFA middleweight title Anders believes he should get the nod over top ranked middleweight Brendan Allen considering Giles has already finished Allen once.

“I deserve the next shot. He already lost to the guy that fight’s been fought. Lets see something new,” Anders said. “He (Trevin) already finished him. Like I told him yesterday, getting finished does not warrant a rematch.”

Interestingly enough both fought the same guy in their last outing, Jon Kirk. Both also beat the breaks off Kirk and both did it in the first round. Anders quicker but Allen left him in a bloody heap on the mat. That actually makes this conversation more interesting. Anders and Allen exchanged a few comments on Twitter after Friday’s fights and the two let each other know exactly how they feel. When asked Anders didn’t hold back at all on his opinion of Allen’s skills.

“I match up very well. He’s not very explosive, he’s not very fast twitch, I will for sure have the athletic advantage. I think I beat him standing up, I think I beat him on the ground, I just don’t see him winning this fight at all, anywhere,” Anders said. “I think he is average. Above average on the ground, but average or less than with striking. I will have an advantage striking. I am too big, too strong, too smart.”

“I think I finish anybody I fight in the first round,” Anders added.

It is an interesting situation and from an interest perspective you almost hope Giles makes his way to the UFC and these two get to settle things for the middleweight title. You can’t help but feel like it would be a great fight.


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