Ev Ting Guaranteed Title Shot with Victory Over Kamal Shalorus

Ev “ET” Ting is looking to secure his title shot with a win over Kamal Shalorus.

Shalorus is a tough fight for anyone. His 9-4-2 record is in no way reflective of his skills. He’s been in the cage with some of the best in the business: former UFC lightweight champion Rafael Dos Anjos, undefeated superstar Khabib Nurmagomedov, long time veteran Jim Miller and most recently grappling ace Shinya Aoki. Ting is very aware of what he is up against, but feels like he has plenty of advantages heading into the fight.

“I feel the youth is on my side, the athleticism is probably on my side as well,” Ting said. “I feel like I am sharper, I’m faster, so my goal would obviously be to knock him out in the first round. However, if he does take me down than I ready over there as well. I have worked a lot on my jiu jitsu game…I am excited for this fight, wherever the fight may go.”

Ting is 6-1 under the ONE Championship banner and a win over Shalorus will extend his current winning streak to four. He has only been to decision once in his seven fights with ONE, but has still been unable to secure himself a title shot. Ting says he’s received confirmation from the ONE brass that a win over Shalorus guarantees him his long sought after title fight.

“This will be my seventh win. There are people getting title shots with two wins even one win, so yeah I really want to make a statement that I am due for my title shot,” Ting said. “It should be a definite. It has come out the mouth of the CEO himself, so I will put him to his word.”

MMA is as much about your skills as it is your ability to put butts in seats. As much as Ting desires to just show up fight and get his cheque, he realizes the demands stretch much further than that and he’s been doing his part to connect with the mainstream.

“I guess this is just how the game goes. At the end of the day you got to sell tickets, you got to have life on social media, you got to do all that stuff that I’m maybe not so good at,” Ting said. “I am working on it. I am using the platforms to spread information and to expose my sponsors and also to try to connect with my fans and my people, but obviously it’s not what I signed up for. Ideally in my mind I would fight somebody for fifteen minutes and I would get paid and that is really just my job.”

This will be Ting’s seventh fight in Malaysia and sixth under the ONE banner. He says he loves the opportunity to fight in his birthplace and it should be noted that he’s never lost a fight in Malaysia, while with ONE Championship. The 27-year-old is extraordinarily thankful for key sponsors like Tune Talk which funds major MMA tournaments in Malaysia and has opened the door for Malaysian fighters to compete on the highest levels.

“Tune Talk is a telecommunication company that sponsors ONE Championship in Malaysia and without them none of the Malaysian fighters would be where we are today,” Ting said. “They have really created a platform.”

Ting will meet Shalorus in the cage at ONE: Throne of Tigers on February 10, in Kuala Lumpar, Malaysia at the Stadium Negara.





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