Ian Heinisch Expects to Make Quick Work of Lucas Rota

Ian Heinisch believes Lucas Rota will consider retirement after the two meet at LFA 10.

Heinisch is making his LFA début Friday and is considered one of the top middleweight prospects on the roster. He plans to put his skills on full display Friday night at LFA 1O against Lucas Rota. At 7-0 the opportunities are starting to knock. He still has to handle his business Friday, but expects to make it a quick nights work in the cage.

“I am going to be in the UFC no matter what in the near future, so I am just going to go out there and do what I do. Most likely it is going to be a quick fight with my hand raised at the end.” Heinisch told The Fight House. “I am on my way up and Rota is on his way out, I am going to help him make that decision to retire…He is just another body in my way of the dream.”

Heinisch would love to get the call from the UFC, but is in no rush. There are currently a handful of fighters jockeying for position atop the LFA middleweight rankings and the undefeated Heinisch is right in the thick of things. According to him LFA made it clear that this is a contender fight for him, but that isn’t his only option.

“After this fight I will be 8-0 and if I don’t get the call there is a lot of opportunities, the Ultimate Fighter is having tryouts for the middleweight division the month after, so I might explore that option,” Heinisch said. “Also, LFA told me this fight is a contender fight, so if I don’t get the finish I could possibly fight for the belt in summer.”

Although Heinisch is temporarily content to work his way up the LFA rankings and compete for their middleweight title he isn’t planning on a lengthy stay with the promotion. Heinisch has some bigger plans.

“I am not looking too deep into the LFA middleweight division I kind of have my eyes focused a little passed that,” Heinisch said. “UFC middleweight champ…When I get there just give me one at a time and just start knocking them out. Get through these bodies, so I can get to the ultimate goal and get that belt.”

Heinisch competes Friday at LFA 10. The event takes place at 9 pm in Pueblo, Colorado at Massari Arena. You can watch the game on AXS.tv at 9 pm.

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