Jared Scoggins Looking to Pull Trigger Against Juan Puerta

Jared Scoggins is looking to rebound with a strong performance following his first career loss.

Scoggins (5-1) will enter the LFA cage Friday at LFA 8 looking to put on a strong performance Juan Puerta and put himself back on the path to title shot or  UFC opportunity. Scoggins is coming off his first career loss to Jesse Bazzi. He says he learned a lot from that fight and will be a lot less tentative Friday night against Puerta.

“I can’t to go out there and hesitate. The last fight I didn’t pull the trigger,” Scoggins told The Fight House. “I sat back and let him work his game and I didn’t go in there and execute mine. I’m not going to hold back that much in this one, I am going to go out there and do what I know I am capable of doing.

“I want to be the best in the world. I want to be a champion,” Scoggins added. “The last fight I didn’t fight to my potential, so it’s really important for me to go out there and show everyone that’s not the fighter I am. I want to go out there lay it all on the line and show everyone what I am really about.”

With 15 fights under his belt Puerta has nearly three times the MMA experience as Scoggins. Scoggins should enjoy an advantage in the striking department,  but will have to be weary of Puerta’s superior grappling. He says he is aware of Puerta’s abilities and is comfortable where ever the fight goes.

“Whereever the fight goes I will be alright,” Scoggins said “Stand-up wise, I have been striking since I was three years old so I feel like I will have the advantage there. My wrestling is solid, I know he is a strong jiu jitsu guy, so if it does go to teh ground I will stay in good position and not let him use his jiu jitsu against me.

“He does have a lot of MMA expereince but I have just as much experience, I feel like,” Scoggins added. “I have been kickboxing and wrestling, I have been competing since I could walk basically. I don’t feel like him having more fights than me in MMA is going to give him that much of an advantage.”

Like most fighters the goal for Scoggins is the UFC. He knows the loss to Bazzi was a set back, but is looking to put himself back on the fast track with a victory Friday.

“I know this last fight set things back a little bit, but I am looking ot put on a show with this next one and hopefully – I know this is a big promotion – so get even more eyes on me now,” Scoggins said. “By the end of the year man, UFCm, that is the goal. That is the short term goal the UFC, long term I want ot be the best, I want to be UFC champion.”

LFA 8 goes down in Greenville, South Carolina at the TD Convention Center. You can watch it live on AXS.tv at 5 pm.

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