Jordan Young Dominates in Debut

Jordan Young made his Bellator debut Satuday night and things couldn’t have gone better.

Young had a big mountain to climb in his debut tonight taking on undefeated Chris Harris in his home town. He handled the pressure extraordinarily well. Coming into the fight the general analysis was that Young would need to get it to the ground and Harris would have the cleaner more powerful strikes and that couldn’t have been further from the truth.

When the fight started Harris was very aggressive, pressing Young. Young was able to use good foot work and a pawing jab to keep himself away from any real trouble. Halfway through round one Young scored a takedown, but was unable to enjoy the fruits of his labour as Harris quickly worked his way back to his feet. It was a close round, but the edge clearly went to Young, who landed more and scored the takedown. Equally as important as winning the round, Young seemed to gain a boat load of confidence.

In the second round he seemed a lot more comfortable standing with Harris. His jab was no longer pawing, he began to double up on it, throw it with authority and follow it up with a solid straight right hand. Harris kept the pressure coming, but wasn’t nearly as effective in round two and the round wasn’t nearly as close.

Heading into round three it seemed to be a clear 2-0 for Young. The third wasn’t much different than the second. He kept his jab coming in a steady dose well smashing Harris down the pipe with strong right hands. He was able to control the distance and cruised to a unanimous decision victory. Young made a positive impression by dominating the fight in the area he was largely thought to have a disadvantage in.

Expect to see Young back sooner rather than later as he’s said he would like to fight four times this year.

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