Jordan Young Looks to Finish Chris Harris Inside Two Rounds

Jordan Young intends to introduce himself to Bellator and the fans with a dominant win in his promotional debut.

Young (5-0) is set to put his undefeated record on the line against another undefeated prospect in Chris Harris (8-0) when the two meet this weekend at Bellator 171. The American Top Team Prospect believes his size  and technique will be too much for  Harris to handle.

“He is going to have to deal with some things as far as the size goes,” Young said. “I am going to be bigger and longer than him and I’m going to control not only the range, but also the pace and intensity of the fight. If I want to hit and not get hit that’s what’s going to happen and if I want to stay in the pocket and exchange than that is what’s going to happen. It’s all depending on what I want to do, what distance I want to engage in. Just pretty much dictating and controlling.”

Young isn’t underestimating Harris though, he knows he is going to have a fight on his hands. After all Harris is undefeated as well and will be fighting in front his home town crowd. Young says he’s prepared for the hostility though and regardless he is expecting a finish.

“I always look for the finish. I am looking to get the finish, but I am not over pursuing the finish. I am not disrespecting him,” Young said. “I am aware of the situation. If I put him down and he goes down than that’s great, that’s what happened, but I would expect him in his home town with that undefeated record I would expect him to come on his A game. He just boxed professionally that lets me know that he’s been staying active, he’s been working, but I do intend on getting that finish by the end of the second round.”

Young might be only making his debut, but he has an expectation of being the middleweight champion and he doesn’t want to waist any time doing it.

“I am just getting my foot in the door here, so I am looking to ice this kid. I want to put him down impressively in this first performance. This is my coming out party that’s how I feel about this,” Young said. “Going forward I’ll be a little more involved in what’s going on there (the rankings). My goal is to be the Bellator middleweight champion by 24, that gives me 2 years. I think that is more than enough time, I signed a four fight deal, I am hoping ot fight four times this years god willing. By the end of this year I see myself in good position to call myself at the top of the division.”

Young is extremely grateful to be work with American Top Team and wants to do right by the team with his performance on Friday night.

I train at American Top Team this is the best of the best here. When you’re training at a gym like this you have to go out and represent. I am around lions all day, so I have to go out and represent myself and take care of this,” Young said. “I just got here nine months ago and I have been putting the grind in everyday. I feel that this fight will be my first fight with them as well, so I feel like I am already a member of the team, but I am going out there to solidify that.”

At the end of my conversation with Young I asked him if there was anything he wanted to add before we finished our conversation and he simply wanted to give thanks.

“I want ot shout out ATT first and foremost,” Young said. “Also, I want to give a shout out to my sponsors that support me: Elite Edge Gym, J&K Complete auto care, The Liquor Barrell, Shane Torrez, Max Muscle and Bad Boy.

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