Jose Torres Hopes Beating Farkhad Sharipov Brings the UFC

Jose Torres hopes an impressive win over Farkhad Sharipov is enough for the UFC to come calling.

Torres thought he had secured his ticket to the UFC’s main stage when he devoured veteran Pedro Nobre in the first round of their fight in January, but it was not the case. Determined, Torres now eyes a bigger prize, bantamweight champion Farkhad Sharipov. It wasn’t easy for Torres to get Sharipov to agree to the fight. Originally he declined forcing Torres to take his campaign to social media.

“Lex and Jeff were all for it, but Farkhad Sharipov wasn’t a big fan of it. He actually thought…I was some random guy being fed random bums,” Torres told The Fight House. “I had to actually make an Instagram post…It was a picture of my brother and I kind of laughing and it said, ‘ When Farkhad Sharipov doesn’t want to fight you because he says you’re too small.’ We ended up having sort of an Instagram war. I am not trying to show any disrespect I think as a fighter I want to fight the best and I believe you’re the person…I was finally able to convince him and he called Lex and he made it happen.”

Getting big name fighters to take fights with him has been an issue for Torres. Even though he is a champion, is highly ranked and has a lot of hype he’s still only had four fights. For Farkhad there is a lot to lose against a fighter like Jose who is far more experienced than his record shows. For Torres this is just another great opportunity to prove his worth to the UFC.

“If he doesn’t believe that I am somebody, numbers don’t lie and so far the stats all over – I am only 4-0 he is 19-7 – I am ranked higher than he is, I am actually ranked 15 numbers higher than he is (laugh),” Torres said. “It is a good chance for me to prove myself, mainly for the UFC. I thought my last fight was a UFC deal making fight, but they want to see me struggle, they want to see me comeback against some great great opponents and I believe Sharipov is that guy.”

This is by no means going to be a walk in the park for Torres. Sharipov has never been finished in the cage and also carries with him some professional boxing experience. He is well-rounded and at 17-7 has four times the professional experience as Torres. That being said Torres believes his pressure will be too much for Sharipov and ultimately will lead him to a stoppage victory.

“The biggest thing that I hold true to my style of fighting is the pressure. A lot of people fold under the pressure after so long. People can resist it for as long as they can, but if I keep pushing forward eventually you will fold,” Torres said. “I can see this fight going five rounds, but personally  I feel I could stop it in a specific round I believe I could TKO Farkhad in the third round. I think that is a fair guess.

“I know what I am able to do. I am a humble person so I do my best not to brag about my abilities, but I know what I can do,” Torres added. “We saw what I did against Pedro Nobre and…I believe I can do the same thing against Farkhad Sharipov.”

Torres and Sharipov will meet at Titan FC 44 in Pembroke Pines, Florida at the Pembroke Pines City Center on May 19 at 7 PM. You can also watch the event live on UFC Fight Pass.

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