Jose Torres Looks for Second Belt After UFC Snubbed Him

Jose “Shorty” Torres is looking for a second belt after the UFC snubbed him twice in the same week.

After Torres won the Titan FC flyweight title in his third professional fight he followed it up with a first round finish of Pedro Nobre in his next outing. Torres thought he was UFC bound for sure. After reaching out to the he quickly realized that was not the case. Torres says things went to well for him against Pedro Nobre and the UFC wanted to see him go through some adversity before they call him up.

“We reached out to them, Sean Shelby was like ya he’s good, but we need him to get more fights and Mick Maynard from what I heard didn’t even know who I was and I was like, ‘Oh, that’s a good sign,’ so I was automatically turned down,” Torres said. “They’re like you’re good, I am very happy you took the Pedro Nobre fight, but you ended up doing to good, we wanted to see you struggle a little bit. In a sense it’s like maybe you should have got beat up a little more in the first round and then maybe knocked him out in the second. They want to see me come back from adversity.”

It wasn’t exactly the news Torres was hoping to hear. After taking next to no damage against Nobre, Torres saw a huge opportunity to prove his worth to the UFC when Nick Seery was forced out of his fight with Ian McCall. Torres says he quickly contact the UFC and offered his services against flyweight vet Ian McCall.

“My week sucked. I have been turned down by the UFC twice in one week,” Torres said. “I ended up calling Mick Maynard, because Ian McCall’s opponent Neil Seery had to back out because of family problems. I go ‘hey man I can make weight, I am still in shape, lets do it I have a lot of hype around me.’ They ended up picking Jarred Brooks in front of me, which was very understandable the guy is 12-0, but being shut down twice because of my record really sucked. Again, Pedro Nobre was the best in the world, I am not going to fight prospects coming up and possibly have an easier time with them. I want to show people that I can beat veterans in the sport and I am ready for the top ten.”

Torres is now in a situation where the UFC wants him to take a few more fights, but against who? Nobre was 18-2, you aren’t going to find many better than that outside the UFC. On top of that, because Torres has only four pro fights there isn’t exactly a line-up of high ranked prospects who are eager to take the fight.

“The UFC wants me to get a couple more fights, so I am just sitting tight and may possibly fight Farkhad Sharipov the Titan FC bantamweight world champion. I am hoping to be a two weight class champion with Titan FC,” Torres said. “I talked to Lex and I talked to Titan FC and we’re all trying to get Farkhad Sharipov to accept the fight, but from what I see he doesn’t want to take the fight.

“He needs to do a title defence, he just won the belt against Andrew Whitney and I believe that was an awesome fight. I believe it would be an awesome fight with me. I believe he is a better fighter than Pedro Nobre and teh UFC wants to see me be tested and I think Farkhad Sharipov right now is that,” Torres continued. “At bantamweight I am the only fighter right now that has two straight wins in the division, because my first two fights with Titan FC were at Bantamweight, so technically I am next in line. I think a super fight would be awesome.”

Although Torres believes Sharipov is a more difficult fight than Pedro Nobre he is still confident he will dominate the fight.

“I match up very well. I am smaller, I believe my boxing is a little better and I believe I’m faster. Overall I am a more diverse fighter than he is…My background is wrestling, I believe my best base is wrestling, but my last three fights have been TKO’s and have not been great standup battles, I am just dominating in the fight,” Torres said. “I can see him struggling in the stand up and eventually trying to take me down. I just really don’t see it happening…but it will be a much tougher fight than it was against Pedro Nobre.”

Currently Torres describes his himself as sitting in limbo. He can’t take fights against lesser opponents than Nobre, but better ones are hard to come by.  It is a tough spot to be in, but lets hope we see the man they call “Shorty” back in the cage sooner rather than later.

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