Justin Overton Put on a Grappling Clinic

Justin Overton put on a grappling clinic against Gaston Reyno.

Overton vs Reyno was perhaps the most one-sided affair of the night. Right from the opening bell Reyno was just trying to survive. In the first round, almost immediately Overton found himself with back control and spent the entire round there. Reyno did an excellent job of fending off the rear naked choke for the better part of four minutes.

When the second round started it was clear that Reyno wanted no part of the ground game. It was that tentativeness that opened the door for Overton’s striking. He utilized an opening and blasted Reyno with and overhand right, which sent him to the mat. The second the fight hit the ground he locked in a rear  naked choke that rendered Reyno unconscious almost immediately.

Probably the best move of the fight came after Reyno was  unconscious. Following his victory Overton immediately lifted Reyno’s legs and helped bring him back to consciousness. Very classy on his part and a great way to close out one of the best performances of the night.

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