Klayton Mai: One is Going to Land, That’s Going to be it

Klayton Mai is looking to open up some doors with a finish over top prospect Roberto Sanchez

Mai is coming off a frustrating loss to Matt Schnell at Legacy 52. He stepped in as a late replacement to compete against Schnell for the vacant bantamweight title. Vastly under prepared things didn’t go his way. It was a  high risk, high reward fight for Mai that simply didn’t pay off. He feels much more confident coming into the Sanchez fight having had a full camp. He knows both Dana White and Mick Maynard will be in attendance and is prepared to put on a show under the bright lights.

“I hear Dana White and Mick Maynard of course will be there, so the way I look at it, it’s an open audition, I am the main event,” Mai told The Fight House. “I just look forward to a good scrap with a tough guy. I look to bring a tough fight to him and put on a good show for the fans. Hopefully showcase what I have been working so hard on and come away with the finish in front of everybody. Like I said it is like a big job interview and you got to show up and perform there.”

Roberto Sanchez is considered a top prospect at a perfect 5-0 and will have a lot of eyes on him. Mai is impressed with Sanchez, but believes he has faced much tougher competition. He is confident he will switch all those eyes from Sanchez over to himself with a perfectly timed punch.

“I see myself landing some strong punches on him, getting his respect,” Mai said. “I will keep the good movement and it’s going to be a shot that is placed right and timed correct. It isn’t going to feel like the hardest punch I have ever thrown, but when it lands I am going to be surprised. I am going to be shocked when he falls down and then I am going to cautiously walk up to him and pound on him a little bit if I have to.

“One is going to land sooner or later and that’s going to be it.” Mai added.

Mai knows a win over Sanchez is huge. Following a victory he says he will be in no hurry to jump back in the cage, well, there are a couple options that would definitely spark his interest.

“If I finish him off, I think I should definitely be in line for a title or maybe just jump up to the UFC if I win this one,” Mai said. “A title opportunity would spark my interest, the UFC would spark my interest. This one sparks my interest because there is a lot of eyes on this guy…After this it would have to be a Legacy title or the UFC for me to jump on it right away. I will be patient.

You can watch Mai and Sanchez do battle Friday, in Houston Texas at the Arena Theatre. If you can’t be in the building, tune into AXS.tv at 9 pm. It should be a terrific night of fights.


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