Koreshkov looking to cement himself as one of the best welterweights in the world

Andrey Koreshkov is excited at the opportunity to show the world just how good he is at the expense of Benson Henderson.

“I was very happy that I got this chance and this opportunity to show world that I am a better fighter than him,” Koreshkov said.

As far as opportunity goes Koreshkov hit the lottery when he was announced as the one to welcome Henderson to the Bellator cage. Koreshkov recognizes the challenge but is confident he will use his advantages to secure the victory.

“I am fighting in the weight category that I am familiar with, that I fought at my whole career. I am bigger than him, I am taller than him and I think that’s going to cause him a lot of problems,” Koreshkov said. “It is going to be a gameplan … but my main focus is to use my physical advantages, I am very good with distance, I have a longer reach and I am going to use it, 100 percent.”

Koreshkov is confident yes, but he also understands the challenge that awaits him in Benson Henderson and the importance of the fight to his career.

“I consider this fight to be the biggest of my career mainly because of the name of my opponent , Benson Henderson,” Koreshkov said. “He is a very well rounded fighter and he is very good at everything. His wrestling is good, his ground game is top notch and his standup is good and his conditioning is good, he has great stamina.”

Koreshkov is currently ranked outside the top 15 welterweights in the world by every recognized ranking system in the sport. It’s something he finds very ‘disrespectful’.

“I think it is disrespectful. I think I am definitely a top ten fighter, so when I am being put somewhere below that I don’t think it’s right,” he said.

For Koreshkov the goal is to rule the welterweight division one title defence at a time.

“I already achieved one of my goals I became a champion. In the future what I want to do  is defend my belt against the best fighters in the world and keep beating them.”

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