Marcus Edwards Ready to Embrace the Grind Against Adam Townsend

Marcus Edwards is ready to embrace the grind against Adam Townsend.

Edwards enters LFA 5 with a 12-4 record. He and Townsend will headline the event in a fight many people believe could be a fight of the year candidate. Both fighters stand in the pocket, sling leather and are always looking for the finish. Edwards isn’t sure how the fight will end, but guarantees it will be exciting.

“It could have fight of the year, but it could also be knockout of the year, submission of the year, or something else other than fight of the year, or it could have both of those in it,” Edwards said. “We’ll see, it’s definitely going to be an exciting fight, we’re going to be throwing some gloves and someone is going to get hit really hard and someone is going to go down.”

Edwards is an any where, any time fighter. People often question his cardio, but Edwards blames any previous cardio issues on late notice fights and having to cut weight in a very short period of time. This time around thought Edwards says he’s more than prepared to go into the later rounds with Townsend and is even prepared to drown him in the late rounds if need be.

“I believe my cardio is on point for this fight. I am going to embrace the grind and I am going to embrace that fatigue and if I have to get into that grinding match, if that is what it takes then that is what it takes. I am going to embrace it. I am looking and willing to take him out to deep water and drown him,” Edwards said. “This fight I get to enter 100% prepared and cut the weight the right way. I believe a stoppage will happen. Am I afraid to go into the later rounds, am I going to pace myself? No. I am going to go out there and fight my fight.I am prepared for anything that happens.”

Ewards has been in the cage with some very tough competition. He’s mixed it up with WSOF lightweight champion Justin Gaethje, UFC vet Dakota Cochrane, UFC and WEC vet Pat Healy, facing that kind of competition gives Edwards confidence that he has all the tools to beat Townsend wherever the fight goes.

“He is flat footed, he throws bombs, he throws a lot of power. He doesn’t put out a lot of energy, he sits down on everything. He is not going to be super quick and fast and athletic. He may pressure you and go forward, but that is the style of fighter I love,” Edwards said. “I am a better fighter all the way around I believe. Anywhere in the fight I beat him.”

Edwards and Townsend are headlining LFA 4 this Firday at the 1stBank Center, in Bloomsfield, Colorado. You can watch the fight on at 9 p.m. If you live in Canada you can find the fights on The Fight Network.

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