Max Holloway left out in the cold

With all the McGregor, Aldo, Edgar drama going on in the featherweight division and big plans for UFC 200 Max Holloway, has been left without a dance partner.

Holloway is the owner of the longest winning streak in the featherweight division, but it wasn’t enough to include him in the UFC 200 conversation or land him a marquee fight. In an interview with MMA Fighting Holloway says he feels like his inability to finish Jeremy Stephens kept him out of the conversation over the last few months.

“I just feel left out because my last fight wasn’t a finish,” Holloway said. “When I was finishing guys, the media was on me like crazy. Then I have this one decision fight against a guy (Jeremy Stephens) who, ‘Cowboy’ Cerrone, Anthony Pettis, these guys couldn’t finish him. And then [people are] looking at me, asking me how the hell I didn’t finish him. It’s like, look at these guys. These guys are beasts and they had a hard time with the fight too. They couldn’t finish him either.”

Holloway is still young at 24 years old and says he will just keep racking up the Ws and until he gets his shot. He isn’t those other guys waiting on the sideline for their shot. He would like to stay active. With four fights in 2014 and four in 2015 Max has got himself used to regular activity, However we are a third of the way through 2016 and still Holloway has nothing scheduled. He is willing to move at the UFC’s speed, but would like a fight sooner than later.

“If it takes 10, 12, 13… I’ll just keep going,” Holloway said. “Like I said, I want to just prove I’m the best in the world. So if I have to keep proving it, I’m going to go out there and keep proving it. But at the end of the day, I want those big money fights. So whenever the big money fights start rolling in, that should be fun. But I don’t know. Who knows? The UFC has a mind of its own. Whatever they want to do, I’m down for. Just keep me active, please. That’s all I ask the UFC to do. Keep me active.”

Holloway has a couple events he would like to find his way onto to get 2016 rolling.

I would like to get back in June or July. The UFC 200 card, that big one, or June on that big Weidman-Rockhold card (UFC 199).

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