Mayweather vs McGregor: Are we serious?

I am going to get right into it. There is demographic of fight fans who believe Conor McGregor has decent shot of beating Floyd Mayweather in a boxing match – are you people out of your mind?

First of all Floyd Mayweather is the best boxer of this generation. The very best – period. Conor McGregor doesn’t even have the best boxing in MMA. It’s good, but by no means the best. For Christ’s sake, Diaz caught him out of position and rock him with a one-two combo. If McGregor didn’t shoot for the take down he would have found himself on the receiving end of a KO loss.

Mayweather is getting older and father time catches up to everyone, but even at 40 these two are still light years apart in boxing skill. Conor does have a KO power though, which gives him a punchers chance, but that’s as far as it goes.

Mayweather’s a tactician, and maybe the most technically sound boxer in the sports history. He’s made great boxers look average; Mosley, Pacquiao, DeLa Hoya, Hatton the list goes on and on. To think Conor has a chance in a boxing match is as ridiculous as thinking Floyd could win an MMA fight.

Mayweather must be loving this idea; his fiftieth fight coming against Conor, it would be the easiest pay day and easiest fight of his life. McGregor would barely touch him. These two are on completely different levels. Pacquiao landed 19% of his punches against Floyd, De La Hoya landed 21% – the point, Mayweather rarely gets touched by incredible boxers, what is McGregor going to have for him?

We are being sucked in by hype. I for one have zero interest in seeing this fight. As a fan of McGregor and MMA the only part of this circus show that is appealing to me is seeing McGregor score a massive payday.

These two are going to do their best to make fans believe the fight will be competitive, but if you ignore the hype and simply look at the resume and skills of both me you will quickly realize this will be anything but competitive.

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