Mir most likely done if suspended

Frank Mir revealed on his podcast that if he is suspended two or more years by USADA, he would retire.

During the podcast “Phone Booth Fighting MMA” Mir spoke about being completely blindsided by the potential failed test.

“I don’t see any other way around it.” Mir said, “Age is catching up to me now. I’m not gonna get any younger in the next two years.”

The legend and former two time champ has been up and down over his last 10 fights going 4-6 in his last 10 and 2-3 in his last 5. During the podcast Mir said he isn’t “surrounded by bodyguards.” and believes someone may have put something in his drink.

“I was training down in Austraila, it’s just me and the guys that came to the gym I was training in,” Mir said. “I’m not a Mayweather, I don’t have bodyguards around me all the time. It’s just me and my coaches and sparring partners”

Mir spoke candidly about his feelings towards the test and what might have been his downfall in regards to testing positive.

“I was like hey did anyone else pop?” Mir said. “I Spoke to Jeff Novitzky and he said that what I tested positive for was very common in Austraila.” Mir continued, “I only tested positive for metabolites obviously I didn’t start juicing 10 days before the fight.”

Mir concluded by saying his career would be in jeopardy if this suspension holds up.

“It is what it is … I’ll retire, train with my kids, hopefully, I can open up a gym.” Mir said “I’m not a dumb guy and the writing is on the wall. I’m already 24 hours into finding out what happened, or even being able to point someone in the right direction as to what could have lead to that.”

Hopefully for fight fans, this isn’t the end of Frank Mir, but if it is, it’s been a hell of a ride.

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