Muhammad Ali vs Cleveland Williams

Muhammad Ali is widely considered the greatest boxer of all time and with the long history of boxing there is no greater compliment.

He possessed skills that are void among all heavyweights before and after him. The footwork, confidence, hand speed, intelligence and heart has never been paralleled. There has never been a more complete fighter in the sports history. The work he put in during the civil rights movement of the 60s, the courage to stand against the government and their desire to send him off to Vietnam. The man was a symbol of strength and conviction.

Following his death I have taken the time to sit back, watch his fights and truly take in how good he really was. Below is his fight with Cleveland Williams. It was in this fight Ali introduced the now famous “Ali shuffle”. Take in how light this 215 pound man was on his feet, the overwhelming speed in his hands, he truly is the greatest boxer of all time. Just watch and enjoy watching the greatest of all time do what he did best.

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