The Next Big Thing: Brendan Allen

The MMA feeder leagues are full of top prospects, but Brendan Allen may be the most promising of all.

There is nothing more valuable to a promoter than a good young prospect. There are a lot of attributes that go into making a top prospect: age, finishing ability, marketablility, skill, record etc and Brendan Allen has all of those and more.

Currently, seven of the top 10 UFC middleweight’s are over 30. The division is in need of some promising up and comers. At only 21 Allen has already had 13 amateur fights, eight professional fights and posts a record of 7-1. The youngster has an incredible killer instinct avoiding the judges in all of his professional fights and finishing five of them in the first round. He’s also proved to be resilient ringing off five in a row. following his only career loss.

His age is a big factor. There are many fighters with plenty of the desired attributes, but few of them are only 21 years old. Allen is dominating the competition and is still years away from his prime. It is scary that he  hasn’t even begun to peak, but every time we see him he’s twice as good as he was the last time. He is well on his way to becoming one of the top middleweights in the world.

His skill set is solid. Allen has a deadly ground game, is super heavy and technically strong in top position. His stand-up needs the most work, but isn’t anything even close to terrible and is improving daily by leaps and bounds.

Fight experience is important and the 21 year old boasts solid wins over veterans like Charlie Rader and Jon Kirk finishing both men in the first round. He has a title fight under his belt, finishing prospect Sidney Wheeler for the Valor Fights middleweight title. All solid experience.

Perhaps equally as important as his skills is the ability to market him. He is tough, he finishes, he is well spoken, for a young guy he has been around and understands the game and all though he isn’t much of a trash talker he isn’t afraid to ask for what he wants, or participate in a little back and forth on social media. He seems to be fairly willing to play the game.

At the end of the day there isn’t much left for him in the feeder leagues. I would imagine by late summer he will be competing for the LFA middleweight title and assuming he wins you have to think his next stop is the UFC octagon.

I will say it now. All the pieces are in place and given some time Brendan Allen can easily become the next big thing in the UFC’s middleweight division.

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