Noel Ligon Makes Return After Five Year Hiatus

After five years on the shelf Noel Ligon will try to re-assert himself as an elite middleweight.

November 16, 2012 was supposed to be the day Ligon competed for the Legacy middleweight title. Instead it was the day he laid on the operating table to have surgery on his torn ACL. He tore it just weeks before his title shot. It would be another surgery and five years before Ligon would be ready to return to the cage, but here we are just one day away from Ligon stepping into the LFA cage against Gilbert Urbina. A lot of people would have walked away from the sport, but Ligon says that was never an option.

“It was always in my mind that I wanted to comeback and compete again…This is my dream. This is something I set a goal for a number of years back and with all the work I have put in just to get back to this point for me it would be foolish to walk away,” Ligon said. “I am just grateful and excited that I can compete again and be able to do it on the scale of Legacy.”

It has been a long road back. First, finding out he would need a second surgery after the first went unsuccessful. Then the darker moments of self doubt and uncertainty about his future in the sport. Nothing about it was easy, but Ligon says he developed as a person and came out better for it.

“Just going through the experience that I went through with the injury and everything. I think it’s helped me be a little bit more mature as a person,” Ligon said. “I just recognize that sometimes life happens and things come up and obviously with the adversity I have faced I feel it has made me stronger as an individual mentally.”

Ligon is most happy to just be competing again. Happy to have the opportunity to pick-up his career where he left it in 2012. He still has the same goals, and the same dreams of taking his career to the next level and  competing with with either the UFC or Bellator. For now though he is focused on LFA 7 and Gilbert Urbina.

“I’ve never really changed my approach with fighting I always look at it as one fight at a time. This fight is the most important one to me, because it’s an opportunity to re-establish myself in the division, in the sport and an opportunity to do what I love,” Ligon said. “The competition for me is key. I enjoy being able to challenge myself. I see this fight especially being a challenge. Gilbert brings style that is certainly something new for me and I always love stuff like that. I love opportunities like this to be able to elevate myself, elevate my growth in the sport, my skill.”

Ligon and Urbina will meet Friday night at LFA 7 in Houston, Texas at Arena Theatre. You can watch the event live on at 9 pm.


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